The silver blade

Adrianna had always been insecure about her looks , the way she felt and everything that she did. people would judge her by everything in school and at home. But what people didn't notice was that she was uinmistakingly beautiful she saw past that and took the silver blade...


1. Chapter 1



I heard the sirens of a police car passing by my house as i took the knife about to cut the vein on my arm... Tears stained my face as i sobbed and whispered to myself "i'm not worth it.... I'm not worth it.". " Adrianna?" I hear my mom say coming up the stairs . shit... I took the knife out of my arm and went to the bathroom to wash the blood off. I watched as the cold water dripped on my arm and i wiped it away. " Another scar. another memory" i said louder than i had expected...

Well today was my first year as a sophomore i wore a light blue tank top and hid my scars with a white sweater then i picked a pretty white skirt and added some hoop earrings to give my outfit some flare.I moved on to beauty and put on some blush and lip gloss then i turned on my curling iron and waited for it to heat up. By the time i had arrived to school the bell for homeroom rang and i ran in my black converse as fast as i could so nobody would see me. I gave a nervous look to the teachers and everybody in my homeroom stared at me. My sweater came off.

I started to shake nervously at the sight of my crush staring at me , he just glared at me and shook his head. I picked my sweater off of the floor and sat in my seat not saying anything . like usual.

" Um , Adrianna is it?" Someone said

i glanced up from my book it was my teacher " You should go to the nurse , sweetie" she said

everybody laughed or was it me just being delusional i took the slip and went to the nurse , my mom was there. with my dad. My dad and my mom had split up when i was a kid so just him being there suprised me and i knew it was serious what they we're going to talk to me about. " You've been cutting?!" my mom screeched i took a step back and suddenly started to look pale. " Adrianna Leticia Leonora Rodriguez!" My father roared he never used my full name like that i've just been so scared i took my sweater off revealing the bruises and the scars and then they saw the latest fresh cut deeper then the others and they all gasped horrified. " You're . going . to .therapy" my mother said in monotone and they took me to the hospital and left me there to get better but by the time i got there i knew nothing would change i wouldn't let it i'm too depressed to even try~ the silver blade


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