Broken Wings

5 years since One Direction had made their last album together. Everyone had gone their separate ways, leaving Harry Styles all alone. No one in the band had spoken since the day that separated them forever. There was a sudden increase in demand to want the boys back together. If it were the fans who supported them from the beginning and when they broke up, it will be the fans to fix the broken wings by helping to put the band back together.


1. Harry

It's been 5 years since our last album was made and that was the last time I ever saw the guys. We've all gone our separate ways and none of us really spoke to each other. We had lost contact and I thought our friendship would never end. I remember when we were all grouped together on The X Factor and thanks to Simon Cowell, he had led us to great heights. We managed to do multiple world tours, but unfortunately, one thing we feared had come sooner rather than later. The day we broke up.

Louis always talked about wanting to start a new life, a life with Eleanor and maybe become a soloist. We always supported him but after Zayn and Perrie were engaged, everything seemed to take a turn for the worst. I never wanted the band to break up, we all wished that this wouldn't happen. If it did, we'd stay in contact.

The argument started as if it were yesterday. All of us were gathered in a hotel room, having a great time when Louis's phone rang. He picked up, answering the caller. "Hey El." A smile spread across his face. We all knew how much he missed her and wished to see her face.

"No, we're just hanging out in the hotel room." he said. He continued to talk with her for a few more minutes, then put away his phone. We were all dying to get a break from tour and we only had a few months until then. "Are we planning to write anymore songs for the next album?" Liam asked. "If there's going to be a next album."

"Why do you say that Liam?" Louis asked. The boys and I were curious. I just didn't want to get caught up in the argument. "I think we've come to a point in our lives when-"

"Don't start. We can't go down that road." Zayn said. As much as I wanted to say my opinion about all of this, I was left in the dust. "But have you ever though about going solo?" Louis asked. That was the one question that we were all stumped on. All of us intended to move on with our careers, but not now.

Louis argued about choosing a different path, a path which he felt was necessary to take. He wanted a life with Eleanor, a reason to spend more time with her. He had made his decision and it was to leave One Direction.

I don't think I'd be able to forget that day when we sang our last concert together. The image of the boys and I standing up there together after singing "What Makes You Beautiful," and seeing al the smiling faces of our fans.

In the last 5 years, our fans still supported us. Not as individuals, but still as One Direction. That was who we are today. I had been living back in my home town in Cheshire, still with a dream of getting the band back together. Zayn and Perrie had gotten married, Louis was on tour, Niall was back in Ireland, and Liam, in Wolverhampton. None of us had seen or heard from each other in five years. How was I going to get the guys back? There was only one way I knew how.


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