The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Damon have finally uncovered their love for each other, much to Stefan's dismay. He has changed himself from The Ripper, and gone against Klaus. Meanwhile Klaus has sent Tyler out of town, Caroline is trying to fight all of her feelings for him, but eventually will they be too out of control for Caroline to keep hidden away?


1. Elena finds her Diary.

Damon sat in the bubbly bath, swishing around the alcohol that he had in a crystal glass. He was drunk, and thinking of his brother. Stefan had cut himself off from Damon after he had found out that he had been fooling around with Elena. Now the two off them were inseparable. 

Stefan was hiding away in a hotel he had booked himself into. He was sitting on the edge of the high balcony, thinking where he had gone wrong. Elena and he had been the perfect couple, why had she gone too Damon? She was supposed to turn into a vampire, but she hadn't yet. So what was it that he had done wrong? Sure he had gone off with Klaus and turned back into his true ripper self, but Elena had forgiven him after that, she missed him, and he had forced himself to turn back into the Stefan that she fell in love with.

Elena was sitting in Damon's room, she had been left there once Damon went for a bath, so she just stayed and waited for him. Elena had taken a risk whilst he was away, she started to look through all of his things, snooping around.

After diving into a large wooden box that was hidden deep in Damon's closet. She started rummaging through the bits and pieces, finding old photos, books and DVD'S. But she came across something that she thought she had lost forever. Her diary.

Elena had never even thought of her diary for months, she was sure she had lost it when she hadn't gone back to it. But here it was, in her hands. Damon had stole it.

She thought she wouldn't be mad, they were a couple of course, but he had stolen something that contained lots of personal information, including what she though of him before and after she knew him properly.

Elena opened the pages of the tattered book, re-read some of the things she had written when she first laid eyes on him, and she cringed. She couldn't believe that Damon had stolen and read something that was so precious and secret to her.

"Elena? What are you doing?" 

Elena heard Damon's soft voice behind her, with a slight angry tone within it. He was drunk and upset, not a good combination for Damon.

"Damon, I..." she stuttered.

She turned to him, saw the angry look in his face and held up the diary.

He still looked angry.

"Why were you looking through my stuff? It is private," he told her.

She chuckled. "Why did you have my diary?"

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