Hearts Entangled<3

(SEQUEL TO DIANA<3 PLEASE READ IF YOU READ DIANA<3)Diana's life has been perfect. She has a cute and amazing boyfriend. Friends who have been sticking by her through everything. But what will happen when it starts to break away again? Will she go back to the old Diana? And how will she react when she finds out that one of the other boys like her? Will all this tear Niall and her apart? Read and find out:)


1. The SweetHeart Month.

Diana's POV:

It's been four months since Niall and I have been together. I haven't cut my arms ever since. The scars are fading rather fast if you ask me. I'm perfectly fine with it though. I mean I've been wearing short sleeves more now. After everything that happened I was happy that my life could have some kind of normal in it.....

"Diannnna!" Harry yelled from outside my window.
"Coming!" I giggled as I ran outside to meet up with him.
For it being February it was pretty warm. Valentine's day was just a week away. I was excited because I had bought something amazing for Niall. I felt arms wrapping around my waist so I quickly spun around to see my lovely boyfriend. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down, so his lips met mine. 
"Awww how cute!" Rose said walking up with Brooke and Abby.
I smiled at them but also blushing a bit. See a week after my best friend Emma turned against me and aloud me to get raped. Rose and I started talking, she told me exactly how long Emma was plotting against me. I found out things that I never knew or would have thought of about Emma. So anyways Rose and I became friends. Brooke and Abby are twins who transferred here back in December. Abby is a very creative girl who caught the eye of Zayn, she's very shy though. Every time they talk something ends up getting spilled, broken, or all of one another. Zayn finds her nervousness rather cute though. Brooke is more motherly and likes to look out for her friends. That's only one of the many things her and Liam have in common. They talk nonstop, I fine it very cute because they get shy whenever they are next to each other. Rose doesn't have any interest in any boy she says. I think she does, but she just doesn't want anyone to know about it. 
"Di!" Louis said snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Hello Louis." I smiled at him before giving him a warm hug.
We all headed to my locker where Zayn and Liam were. Zayn smiled at Abby which made her blush like crazy. Liam and Brooke tried so hard not to look each other in the eyes. I giggled at them. 
"Hey look at the whore!" I heard James laugh.
"Ewww do you smell that?" Emma hissed.
"Do you mean your excuse of a personality?" I said with a smug grin coming across my face.

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