in love with my brothers best friend

Lola Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson's little sister just by a year. She thinks it's hard to be his sister because of the fame. She hasn't got a private life anymore. She has a part time job as a model. But what happens when she actually falls in love with his best friend. Will a big fight break out. I hope not.


1. About Lola Tomlinson.

YESH SO IM THE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL LOLA TOMLINSON! jk jk , well yea im the sister of Louis Tomlinson. sadly. It's not easy... well sometimes I do get a lot of money XD

ANYWAYS! that's me!                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       see I'm sooooo cute . JK JK. Well You can safely say that I DEFINITELY do not get my looks off if Louis! like I'm way more good looking. like geezo ! XD but I do love him. I am 19 to be 20 next year. Yes we are just about the same age. There's a  year between us. Anyways I  will love him till I die , we are family and that's it! can't change that. Or can I ?.... this is me , I am the amazing and beautiful Lola Tomlinson XD :)))))))))))))))))

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