Angels of the Shadows: Moulded by Horror

Four very eager minds, from four different kingdoms stand together as they try to unveil the world they've uncovered. This world they've found is full of danger, joy, adventures, and love and all waiting for them at their door steps.


2. Micha's Decision

Micha was the faithful daughter of the most powerful ruler in all of Pangaea. She was the princess of Deligiant and the child of King Marcus, the most respected man in all of Pangaea. All the princesses of the other provinces from the other kingdoms envied her and her beauty. Yet she did see herself as a jewel. No matter the fact she had long, dark brown, wavy hair that glossed in it's curls. She had big brown eyes that glistened and a small thin frame. Instead, she saw herself as dull and boring like the rocks on a cliff. She spent most of her time in her massive room, blinding herself in music or immersing herself in the screen of her high-grade phone with her best friend Jess; who was the princess of Kalfrinia. Micha's looks were not stunning enough for herself as she longed to have Jess' fiery read hair that shined a bright red. Almost the colour of blood.  She had dreams of her hair in that blood red, but her mother wouldn't let her for she thought it would ruin Micha's image to the her people. And still the only times she left her room was to go to the royal banquets, go to different royal doings or to visit her loyal subjects in the streets of Deligiant.

Micha was miserable most of the time, painting faded smiles whenever she had to go through the streets of her province with her mother and father. She was expected to act exactly how a princess was supposed to act since one day she was going to be the Queen. She was dragged to go to royal outings without complaint, fulfill her royal duties and simply show off to her people. Although, all she wanted to do was to leave the province walls and travel to see what else is out there other than her great halls of her Citadel. She did not even want to be Queen. She did not want all the responsibilities that were forced upon her like bricks.

"DAD! Why do I have to be Queen!? You know I cannot handle the organization of my own closet. Let alone a whole kingdom!  Why can't you find someone else in our family to be the monach?"

"Micha it doesn't work that way and you know it. You are my only child and you cannot escape that. Deligiant shall be under your rule one day and that is solid!" Bellowed the King as his voice echoed through the hallways and landed on everyone's shoulders who heard it.After every one of her arguments with her Dad, she would storm up to her room and slam the door that boomed like thunder. She would lock her sound-proof headphones onto her head to smash her brain cells with music 'til she blotted out the world completely and drifted off to the dream lands of sleep.

Yet one day she had another argument with her Dad. Although this time, Micha's youth took over. After the walls stopped vibrating with the Kings words, Micha ran up to her room in a waterfall of bitter tears, slammed the door but did not do her usual plug in. This time she grabbed her knapsack she used to go to Jess' castle with and filled it till her belongings until they were overflowing like liquid with clothes and other necessities. Her youth was now in full swing as it poisoned her mind to flee from her kingdom. That night, when her parents were lost in their pillows, she called on her chamber maid, Clair from up the stairs.

"Clair! Psst! I need your help!" Clair turned her head in wonder to the shallow whisper.

"My lady! What are you doing out of your room when the stars still twinkle?"

"I need you to do what I have always wanted to do. You know what I mean, I know you do. I am climbing over that wall and leaving this drab old life for a more exciting one."

"What! My lady please! What of Deligiant? Who will rule if you flee?"

" I don't care! Listen! I need you to do that favor for me and quickly!"

Clair's voice now had a tint of misery and sobs.

"As you wish my lady. I shall do my bidding as you wish."

Micha crept out into the night in shadow with her favor done. She felt sick as she crept out to the stables. The smell of bleach and hair dye surrounded like an army as her newly dyed hair whipped in the cool wind.

"Thank you Claire! I won't forget you! I will come back for you one day too, I promise!" whispered Micha as her word dissolved in the wind.

"Good luck my lady. May you find what you are looking for in your young pursuits." Clair waved her dripping hands of red as she wished Micha luck. Although, Micha felt a hole in her soul. Jess! Of course!
How could Micha of forgotten to leave without her closest companion. However, the realization of the fact if she stayed in the city for too long, the people would arise along with her parents. That blackened her mind and drove her to forget her bestest and dearest friend. She went onward into the gloomy night.

An owl called to Micha as she reached the stables. She bolted to the weapons room and grabbed her sword and pistol. The same sword and pistol her own father had used to train her with. The pistol looked guilty in her hand as it stared at Micha. She ignored it's glum look of sorrow and launched for her black weapons belt. But something shone in the pail moonlight that snatched her eyes. It was the sword that she gave Jess for her birthday last year. Jess had kept the blade in Micha's weapons room for Jess' mother and father didn't agree that Jess should learn to defend herself. She had countless body guards to do that. The moment she saw the sword, the blackened thoughts faded away in the gales of her brain and Micha knew she could not be part from her dearest friend. She had to sneak into Jess' castle to convince her to come on her new adventure.


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