Sid and Lizzie travel to the moon

(For kids) A big green lizard and a mental seagull travel to the moon on an adventure,btw they are brother and sister how weird


1. About Sid and Lizzie

Sid and Lizzie are two different creatures who are brother and sister and live together in star town and come to visit us here at Sundrum castle holiday park every night to say hello and give us prizes from Andy mc prize who is Sid and Lizzie's best friend who holds all the prizes for the boys and girls.


Sid the seagull is a hip hop bee bob,any way he loves hip hop music and loves to dance away he always has his earphones on that's just him any way we're was I oh yes he has a red and yellow base ball hat that he loves so much and dosn't let Lizzie touch it oh well.


lizzie the lizard is a big green lizard who loves to play sports she loves to run,jump and play tennis everywhere she goes she is always singing a song.She hates when she is trying to talk and Sid interrupts her.Lizzie has a very important job witch is to keep care of the gold key it may not sound important but it is they key is so she can open Andy mc prize for the boys and girls to win the prizes.Lizzie dosn't let any one touch the key she barely lets people look at the key never mind touch it.


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