Dramione - A Harry Potter headcanon story

Here is yet another Harry Potter headcanon of another one of my favourite ships - Draco and Hermione. Hope you enjoy! :)


1. A talk at the table


     "What?!" Hermione hissed impatiently, slamming her books down onto the table and plopping down heavily into her chair. "What do you want?"
  Even through Draco was slightly taken aback by Hermione's less-than-friendly greeting, he did not alter the troubled expression on his face, nor unfix his gaze on what seemed a highly interesting part of pattern on the wooden table.

    Hermione grew more and more impatient with each second of silence that passed. "Draco! For god's sake, say something will you? What the hell do you want?"

     Draco abruptly stopped drumming his long, thin fingers on the table and lifted his gaze from nothingness to Hermione's face. He examined her flawless features and her wavy brown hair, falling neatly around her elegant face. She was perfect. And he hated thinking that. He utterly despised the thought. He wasn't supposed to think she's beautiful. But he couldn't help it... she just... was.

     Draco had only stared into Hermione's eyes for a few short seconds before returning to gaze at the patterns in the wooden table. But this time he spoke.
"You know, the last time you spoke to me, it was followed by a punch in the face. A pretty decent one at that. You broke my nose."

     Hermione said nothing, yet stared at him whilst he refused to meet her gaze. He was sort-of beautiful, in a way, with that angelic face he had, all his perfect features... he still looked handsome even with the slight bruising on his nose visible from her outburst a couple of months ago. That was a good punch. She was proud of herself for that. She bit her lip to stop herself from smiling.

"You know Granger-"
"Hermione. My name is Hermione."
"Hermione, look. I... Well, I don't know."

She waited.

"I... Well... You see... You know. Do you know what I mean?"

     Draco didn't move his head but briefly peeked upwards to read her expression. She raised an eyebrow expectantly, waiting for him to carry on.

"Hermione, I don't quite know how to say this, bu-"
"Don't tell me Draco. You've thought things through, over and over, and now you've finally realised what an absolute arrogant, stuck-up, stupid prick you've been, not only to me but to my best friends too. You've thought about it again and again and now you want to apologise."

     They stared at each other for ten long seconds, Draco dumbfounded. "Well... yes, there is that."
"You mean you persuaded me to come all the way up here to speak to you and you didn't even intend on apologising for everything you've done?!"
"Hermione, please. I know you're upset, bu-"
"Upset?! Draco, I'm positively fu-"
"Please. Just, please. Listen to me."

     He twisted round in his chair so he was facing forward and looked straight into Hermione's beautiful eyes for a second time.
"Please." He said again softly, leaning forward a little as he said it.

     Hermione didn't know what to say. She was stunned by Draco's sudden soft and shy tone, a complete contrast from his usual self. She desperately tried to search for words to say but decided she could think of none. She sighed a deep sigh, leaned back in her chair, relaxing her shoulders. A little more calmly she said, "go on."

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