Snapping to reality, I could feel myself blushing being caught out about checking him out. Keeping my cool, I flicked my long, thick dark hair that was in a ponytail back behind me, and battered my thick mascara-coated eyelashes that hid my piercing green eyes; and then realised it wouldn't make a difference. I was a maid, and he was staying in a Presidential Suite at a five star resort in California. Why would he have any interest in me?

Later, I realised how wrong I had been on that hot, summer day.


1. Just a maid

"Tiffany, the Presidential Suite needs to be cleaned immediately! The occupants were just seen exiting, and you need to be quick smart about it!" Rob's voice boomed around the corner and down the hallway of my small office, making me jump a little. Quickly snapping my journal shut, I pocketed the key and grabbed my mop, bucket, towel and soap, and prayed that the suite wouldn't need to be vacuumed. 


I stumbled over a stray pencil on the floor under the doorway of my room, and quickly pulled along the equipment I owned. "Coming, sir!" I panted and rounded the corner, to see my lazy, hairy boss eating a fat, juicy hamburger with his feet up and his Hawaiian print shirt unbuttoned at the top. He eyed me up and down, and I suddenly felt self concious in the low cut sky blue top, with my nametag on the left breast. The shirt was paired with white three-quarter jeans, and shoes of your own choice, so naturally, I was wearing black lace up Converse. I also was wearing a silver locket that was a gift when I was eleven, from my grandmother. It was the last present I ever got from her.

"Now snap to it!" He drooled down into his beard and cackled, spitting bits of meat all over the shot. Disgusted, I hitched up the mop and moved away from him, and started down the corridor and to the Presidential Suite. Once I got there, I felt around for my keys, and sighed in frustration when I realised I would have to quickly go back and get them. Patting my pockets once more, I dropped my shoulders in shame and was about to turn around when I heard a voice that sent shivers down my spine. 

"You need a help there, love?"

I quickly turned around, most likely wild-eyed, and saw the most gorgeous human being I have ever seen in my life. With his chocolate brown curls and matching brown eyes, he had an amazing smile that showed off two straight rows of perfect white teeth and a dimple near his left eye. He was slightly bronzed, most likely from tanning under the sun by the resort's pool, and he was wearing a simple white t-shirt that fitted him nicely, and a pair of blue jeans, paired with some Toms. He had Ray Bans in one hand and hotel keys in the other. Hotel keys! 


Snapping to reality, I could feel myself blushing being caught out about checking him out. Keeping my cool, I flicked my long, thick dark hair that was in a ponytail back behind me, and battered my thick mascara-coated eyelashes that hid my piercing green eyes; and then realised it wouldn't make a difference. I was a maid, and he was staying in a Presidential Suite at a five star resort in California. Why would he have any interest in me? 

Later, I realised how wrong I had been on that hot, summer day.

"Um, actually, this is so embarrassing but I left my work keys in my office and I don't want to go back because my boss is kind of really freaky but I can't quit because I'm saving u-" I clamped my mouth shut at my ramble. The boy had his eyebrows raised but a smile played on his lips. 

"Chill out, babe, I've got a set right here," he winked, and leaned forward pressing the keys smoothly in the lock, smelling faintly of vanilla shampoo and a cologne I didn't recognise. 

"But it was kinda cute when you were rambling like that." He didn't turn but I could hear the smile as he said it. Blushing furiously, I grabbed my mop and bucket and did a quick check in the window. He jimmied the lock and then the door swung open, revealing a half naked blonde that was tanned and had a really good body... Not that I was going to start gawking at hot guys again! Seeing my wild expression, the brunette cracked up, his curls bouncing everywhere. 

"Haha, Ron? You might want to get your top on, because we have a Code Yellow over here!"

Code yellow? What was that? I hope it wasn't a code for 'idiotic maid entering', or 'ridiculously ugly chick near, hide the children!' Snapped out of my trance, I bit my lip to hold back a giggle as the blonde turned around and turned beetroot red. It was pretty cute, actually...

"Code yellow? Dan, you should have warned me!" He said, groaning and quickly running away. Chuckling, Dan smiled at me again. Dan. What a great name. What was it short for? Daniel? Danny? 

"Daniel, by the way. Sometimes I forget that's my name because to everyone I'm just 'Dan'. But you can call me whatever you want... and whenever you want." He added the last part with a wink and I just blushed again. 

"I'm Tiffany. Tiff for short... or any other name you please," I mentally slapped myself; I'd put emphasis on the word 'any', a failed attempt at being funny. Dan was laughing, but I think he was just being polite. Then I remembered the whole reason I was here. 

"Look, I hate to say this, but I kind of need to clean your room now..." 

"Oh yeah! I forgot about that... let me go grab Ron and we will get out of your way!" He scuttled away as I observed the mess. For middle aged guys on a holiday, they were surprisingly neat. The boys walked back out, Dan smiling at me and Ron looking at a black iPhone 5 with his brows furrowed. 

"Okay, well we're going to go, but we should hang out sometim-" Dan was interrupted by Ron who moaned and then shoved the screen under his nose. 

"The new bar we were going to go to tonight is being delayed again! Now where are we going to go?" 

Dan shrugged and then I had an idea. 

"Uh, there's this cool bar downtown that my best friend and I always go to... it's called 'Manic' and it's super cool and it's open all night." 

Their faces lit up, especially Ron's. "So there's another lovely lady? Dan already has dibs on yo-" He was cut off by a glaring Dan. I blushed for the millionth time that morning. 

"I have to clean." I blurted out stupidly. The guys nodded and just murmured to each other, grabbing wallets and sunglasses and keys. Ron walked out first, giving me a nod and a smile, and Dan stopped right by me. I stared at the floor, too embarrassed to look up into his beautiful, brown eyes, as he whispered in my ear, making me get goosebumps. 

"Meet us at that club tonight at eight. If you stand me up, well I know where to find you. Oh- and bring that friend of yours." He said it with a smile in voice and then strolled out of the small apartment, slamming the clean white door behind him. I took a deep breath, feeling faint with excitement, and started to clean. 


"So wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. He has a hot friend that wants you to bring ME?" Emma squealed and clutched my elbows as we danced around the living room of the small two bedroom apartment we shared. 

"YES!" I was just as thrilled, and had already blurted out the whole story as soon as I walked in the door. Emma and I had been friends since the first year of high school, all those years ago. We had been eachother's teddy bear, advice giver, tissue, support, friend and sister. We were always there for eachother and have stayed so close that we even chose the same University; even though neither of us could pay for our courses yet. 

"What are we going to wear?" A sudden look of dread appeared on her face and I screamed, running to the wardrobe in my room. As I flung open the doors and sifted through the nice outfits I owned- which was about ninety-nine percent of my wardrobe, and partly the reason I wasn't in Uni- I heard sounds of hangers being pulled out her wardrobe and Emma sighing and grunting in frustration. I pulled out a brightly coloured jumpsuit and white Converse, keeping it casual at the same time nice. I then looked through my accessories, and decided to wear a silver chain necklace with a small, delicate heart on it. Excited, I ran into Emma's room, and saw clothes strewn around the room, and was sitting in the middle with an exasperated expression on her face. 

Laughing, I helped her up and held up a bright pink dress. Thinking to my outfit, I dropped the dress and then threw clothes around until I found Emma's jumpsuit, which was a darker pattern of colours. I grabbed her all black Converse and then flung the outfit on her. 

"Curl your hair and wear your bracelets. Now get ready!" 

She held up the outfit, and nodding her head in approval, she smiled at me and said, "What would I do without you, Tiffy?" 

I sprinted out of her messy room and into my own, then pulled off my clothes, not bothering to shut the door but getting undressed quickly in case Emma happened to go into the kitchen for a snack. Deciding to have a shower so I could re-do my makeup for the night. I sprinted into the bathroom and turned the knobs on the shower, making it extra hot. 

Hair dripping, I emerged from a really short shower and started to dry off. Tying my hair in a small, tight bun at the nape of my neck, I put on my underclothes then my jumpsuit, and small white anklet socks and my Converse. After I adjusted a few things with my outfit, I went back into the bathroom so I could dry and do up my hair. Because Emma was going to curl hers, I decided to straighten mine and then braid it.

After I was finally done straightening my tangled mane of hair, I fishtail braided it carefully and tied it with a black elastic. I pulled out a few strands from the top of my head so it looked like I had effortlessly done my hair in a hurry, and then put in simple pearl stud earrings. I then started on my makeup, which consisted of tinted moisturiser, mascara and Baby Lips. After I had carefully blended in the moisturiser and made my lashes long, I swiftly applied the gloss across my lips and then brushed my teeth, popping an Eclipse mint into my mouth. I grabbed my phone, Baby Lips, mints, wallet, home keys and car keys and put them in a small black clutch. I was just about to walk out when I grabbed my mascara, just in case. I switched off the light and then walked down the hall to Emma's bathroom, and looked her up and down. 

Her gorgeous light brown hair was curled and put up into a high ponytail, which reached the bottom of her shoulder blades. She had on the outfit I had picked out for her, and had paired it with her cute set of silver bracelets, and also had an anklet tied around her left ankle. Seeing me checking her out, she turned around with a dimple showing in her left cheek as she smiled widely. Her mascara was only done on one eye, and she looked so funny I started laughing really loudly.

"Oh my gosh, you should see yourself right now Em!"

"Shh you, I'm not done! I would be if I wasn't rudely interrupted though..." She winked and turned around, completing her other eye in four swift strokes. Impressed, I raised my eyebrow at her and smirked but she just winked and then started brushing her teeth. 

"Gosh you take forever to get ready," I stated, pretending to look at a watch on my wrist and tapping my foot.

"Hey, you said the guy was hot and I wanna look good for him!" She said with a mouthful of toothpaste, so it came out a bit muffled. I just laughed and then went over and started packing her purse with the same kind of stuff I had, but leaving her mints and gloss out so she could use them.

"I'm driving, by the way."

She nodded and then spat a foamy mess into the sink, looking disgusted at it. Wiping her mouth with a towel, she applied the lip gloss, put a mint in her mouth, and then washed out the sink. She zipped up her clutch then picked up cheap perfume and sprayed it all around us, making me wheeze and cough. 

"Yuck! Where did you buy that from?" She giggled and then linked arms with me as we walked out of the building. Double checking that I had locked the front door, we laughed in excitement as I unlocked the Honda and we slid into the comfortable leather seats. I bit my lip and looked at her as I started up the engine, and she grinned back.

"Let's go," she said and clapped her hands as we lurched forward, expecting great things of the night ahead. 

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