World of our own

This story is about two 14 year old best friends who create a world of their own. The girls are Alli and Kenzie. The creative teenagers are having a rough time at school full of horrible people but find each other and with in a day they become best friends and create a world of their own that they can go to when they feel like there is no use of them being alive.


1. 1.


This is dedicated to my best friend

~ Allison Mocellin ~

Love you



Kenzie's pov.

I was walking down the school hallways on the first day of term, alone, as usual. Everybody at school fits in, except me, everybody has their own group of friends that they are always around, except me. I don't fit in, I'm not sure why but i think I'm pretty much invisible to every human being except my parents. My parents work all day, and when i say all day i mean i barely ever see them.I have longish blond hair with bright green eyes, I'm sort of tall and i go to the gym a lot. I get to my locker and started going through my timetable, great, i have maths first, my least favorite subject. I grab my math books out of my locker and rush to class so i can get the seats at the back and hide away from all the talking and laughing that I'm never included in. Just as the bell rings to indicate school has started, people start to pile through the door, same old faces from last term, except one. There is a new girl in our class now, probably going to get sucked into the popular group of girls cause she is so pretty. This mystery girl is searching the room for places to it and walks towards the spot near me and sits down. Wow, no one ever sits in that seat near me, maybe I'll make a friend today. The teacher walks in and a deadly silence sweeps across the class room, our math teacher Mrs. Cane walks in and calls the new girl up to the front of the class for an introduction as usual with new students.

"Hello class, we have a new student starting here today, her name is Alli, please make her feel welcome! Now get to work!" Mrs. Cane yells at the class, with her normal grumpy personality.

Alli comes and sits down beside me once again and smiles at me, she has an amazing smile, she puts her hand out for me to shake and says, "Hey I'm Alli, what's your name?".

I was shocked, someone just talked to me!

"I.. I'm... I'm Kenzie" I said with a stutter still in shock, and finally smiled.

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