Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


8. 3 years later

* 2013 *

-Niall P.O.V.-

"Niall! Can you hand me a drink!" I hear my newest mate Harry yell from my living room. "Comin' right up!" I yell. Liam and I made it into the X-Factor USA, and then got moved to the British X-Factor because one of the judges there saw a video of us and wanted to become our mentor. We met 3 other guys there; Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, who were all of course British. We were put together into a group to make it better, adding up to a total of 5 members. Our band is called 'One Direction' and we came in 3rd place. It was the most horrible thing that happened in my life, but our mentor; Simon Cowell decided to sign us to a record label and well, now we're the most famous boy band in the world. And here we are now, in my home in London along with the lads. "Here" I say, handing Harry his drink. We're kind of remolding some stuff in my room so that I could put some more guitars in here. "Thanks" he says as he takes it. "Hey Niall, what's this?" I hear Zayn say as he pulled up a scrapbook from my closet. "Umm I think that's a scrapbook mate" I say as I help Louis with removing a shelf. "Mind if I take a look?" he asks. "Sure" I say. Louis and I get the shelf down and we give each other high fives. "Hey Niall, can you come here?" Zayn says. "Yeah what's up?" I ask while coming over to him. "Who's this?" he asks, pointing to a picture. My heart stops when he shows me the picture; it was the one of Kylee and I holding hands at a park that we had done for our Junior year pictures. Liam comes over and freezes once he sees the picture. "Um that was my girlfriend Kylee" I say. "You had a girlfriend back at home?" Harry asks. "Yeah, so did Liam" I say. "Wow, that must've been hard to leave them" Louis says. "It was" I say, barely above a whisper. "How long were you two together?" Zayn asks. "Only for about 4 or 5 months" I say, my heart shattering once I said that. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry Niall" Zayn says while putting his hand on my shoulder. "How about you Liam?" Louis asks. "3 months" he says in a monotone. "Well, are you guys still in contact with them? Maybe we could go to America and pay them a visit, you know, get to meet them and everything" Harry suggests. "No. It can't be done. Neither of us have any connection to them and it's been like that for 3 years" I say. "Can we just finish with everything and go out to lunch?" Liam says. We all agree and finish what we started. "Done!" Harry says as we finish everything. "Who's up for Nandos?" I say. We clean up our messes and head out to Nandos for lunch. We all take a seat at a large table and order our drinks. I turn around to look at Louis to focus on what he's saying until something caught my eye. There was a woman at the front ordering take out that I automatically recognized. Her bright blonde hair with dark brown highlights were hard to miss. "Excuse me" I say to Louis as I get up. I run over to the woman and tap her shoulder. She turns around and I knew exactly who it was. "Skylar?" I say in disbelief. "Can I help you?" she asks. "Do you remember me?" I ask. It takes her a second before she looks at me with wide eyes. "Blondie!" she yells. Blondie is the nickname she gave me. Don't ask. I bring her into a friendly hug and we catch up. "What are you doing here?" I ask her. "What am I doing here? What are YOU doing here?" she asks. "I'm in a band called One Direction along with Liam" I say. "Is Liam here?" she asks. "Yeah he's in the back. But seriously! Why are you here? I thought you lived in America still" I question. "I do, but I'm visiting someone" she says. "Who?" I ask, hoping that it's who I think it is. "You mean you don't know?" she asks. "What am I supposed to know?" I ask. She opens her purse and pulls out a magazine. "Do you recognize this woman?" she asks, showing me the cover. I take a look at it and I don't know. The girl had long, dark brown hair with  a light shade of red in the back part of her hair. She had some freckles on her nose and bright blue-green eyes. She was wearing a light blue summer dress and was posing for the magazine (like those models do in Seventeen Magazine or whatever). "No I don't recognize her, why?" I ask. "Niall, that's Kylee. She's a part time model and works for the British Football teams. And she does some singing too. Niall, Ky's here in London" she says. I couldn't believe it. Kylee is in London. "How long has she been here?" I ask. "After she graduated Senior year. She got a job offer out here for sports medicine and she even got a couple offers to sing with some celebrities. She recorded herself singing one time as a project for school and some record labels saw it and loved her" she explains. "So she's been here for 2 years?" I ask. She nods her head yes and I freeze. "Is she pissed at me?" I ask. "She's not going to be happy if you talk to her all of a sudden. I mean, she was depressed Niall. She didn't cut or anything but she would never come out of her room. I would hear faint sobs coming from her room almost every night. She missed you Niall" Skylar adds. Her food comes and she has to leave. "Go look for her Niall. Ask your boss Simon if he'll know, because I think he had something to do with her signings and everything" she says before leaving. I head back to the table and the guys ask me what's wrong. "Niall you look pale what happened?" Liam asks. "I-I just s-saw Skylar" I say. "She's here?" Liam asks. "She was" I say. "Well what's she doing out here in London?" he asks. "She's visiting Kylee" I say. "Let's just go right now" Harry says. We pay for our drinks and leave the restaurant immediately. I run to the store and buy a magazine that had Kylee on the cover so that the lads could see. "THAT'S HER?" Liam says. "Yep" I say back. "She doesn't even look like the Kylee I remember" he adds. "And apparently Simon has to do with her signings out here. So let's go to his office and ask him about this" I say. We all drive to our management's building and go up to his office. "Boys! What a nice surprise! Come sit sit!" he says. I walk over and set the magazine down on his desk, leaving him confused. "What's this Niall?" he asks. "You know how I told you about my girlfriend back in America right?" I ask. He nods his head in response and waits for me to continue. "Does the name Kylee Andrews sound familiar to you?" I ask. "Oh yes! Kylee! Ah what a splendid woman she is! What about her?" he asks. "I want you to tell me where she is so that I could see her" I order. "Now now Niall, don't get all pissy with me. I just recommended her to some records I didn't know that she was your ex" he says in defense. "But she does have a meeting with me tomorrow at 11 so if you would like to come and see her then that's fine. But keep it classy" he says. "Okay, I'll be here. No funny business alright?" I say to him. He nods and we all leave. I can't believe it, I am going to see Kylee tomorrow...


Update!!! Ahhhh!! Haha you think that this is the twist, but you're wrong :3 hehe boy do I have a surprise for you!!! Haha but I hope you enjoyed this!! Stay beautiful and amazing my chickens!!:) xx


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