It was Tuesday

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 16 Oct 2013
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A girl who hasn't spoken with anyone in several months. Not even her mother or father. No one, except for Cezar. She walks around everyday, lonely. Little children she would like to play with walk right through her and her parents pretend she doesn't exist. Towards the ending she realizes what has happened to her. The one thing she will never forget, is Tuesday.
***I will write a sequel to this***


1. Why won't they speak?

I've always had people stare at me

...For as long as I could remember...

Until now

    I've never really bothered to care if  people would ever look at me. No one ever ignored me until Tuesday. It has been several years since then that I haven't heard one word from anyone.

  Tuesday was the day that I will always remember. I won't forget it. A strange reason that no one bothered to listen to me on that day. No one spoke to me or even gave me a nod to make me feel known. The blank faces they gave when I passed by. No one seems to listen to my jokes or play with me anymore. Father won't pay any attention to me at all. 

    Father was an amazing father. He was always so kind and gentle. Only on that day that everyone pretended as if I wasn't there. My name was talked about all the time. Only one soul would listen to me. He rarely ever spoke though.

    He told me to call him 'Cezar', and that it was his name. Cezar and I would play at the playground full of playful children. None of the children recognized me even though some of them were my best friends.



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