Emma Smith ( new version)

My name is Emma, I'm a 16 year old teenager that has a lots of hobbies like singing, dancing, going to parties and being a directioner. I think my life is very similar to yours, cause as a teenager I love doing things that only a teen of my age can understand me, isn't it? And here I'm writting a new version of my life, that has some changes and some things in common to the other movella 'Emma Smith'.
I hope you enjoy my life... hehehe


1. Meeting Jenny

As a common Friday, I was in the car with my father after school, going home. Complaining about the same teachers, about the same people(the false ones that I hate), and instead of thanking everything that I have, I was complaing about my life. Yeah, as you can see I'm a "normal" teenager,haha. And these moments were the best ones with my father, because I could talk about what I want that he would listen to me.

 I was so excited about my weekend, that I didn't realize that a car in front of mine was stopped for a long time. I really thought that it was the traffic, but it wasn't. I didn't certainly know what was happening, so I opened the door of my car and started walking until get near the red car in front of me.

When I got until the car's door, I made a signal for one of the people who were inside to low the car window. And I could just hear the voice of a lady saying:

- Oh, don't be concerned. We are getting out of here. - She said with a rude tone of voice.

- Ok, that's right. But I'm just concerned about yourselves cause I thought I could help you, if you don't matter. - I said, trying to keep calm ( keep calm and...).

- Mom, let she help us. - A girl of my age ( I think so) that was seated on the backseat said it to the lady, that I think is her mother (DARD! Of course the lady is her mother, me and my ideas....). - And yes, you could help us, because we are late and we don't know the reason, but we can't move the car.  - She immediately said, without thinking twice.

- Ok, so I will call my father to help you. - I said, scared of the way the girl asked me to help her.

I moved back from where I was and called my father that was thinking about something that should be important.

- Daddy - I said, calling my father. - Come here, they need help. - I said, without seeing any reaction of my father.

- Ahm? What? - He said in a thoughtful way.

- Oh, he must be thinking of work! - I thought and said it loud, unconsciously.

Willy ( my father) parked the car in a parking lot near the main street ( where we were ) and started walking calmly until get to the car. When my father got to the car, he and the lady started making some strange faces. I asked them:

- Why are you so nervous?

- Ahm.... We? Haha, we are not nervous. - The lady said.

- Yes, we are! - The girl interrupted her and said in an angry way.

I tried to calm them but I think I couldn't:

- So, why are you nervous? - I asked the girl and her mother.

- I can just talk about myself, and I am nervous because I have a meeting with the best band ever, and I'm late!

- Which is that band?? - I stammered.

- Do you know One Direction? - She asked me and the answer I wanted to give her was ' Yes I know, bi*ch.', but I didn't say it, of course. I just said:

- One Direction?? Are you talking about One Direction?? Wait, are you Jennifer Grantham that won the One Direction competition to have a meeting with them?? Is that you?? OMG!

- Yeah! That's me! And I  just can't believe! And another thing heheh, you can call me Jenny. And sorry for the way I treated you. - She said, apologizing.

- Hahaha, I just can't believe. But, ok. Now, we may be.... - I tried saying.

- Friends, so come in. - The lady said ( Jenny's mother ).

I asked my father, without believing, if I could go with them and he said:

- Ok, I will let it go just because you LOVE 1D and because they aren't unknown people.

- How aren't they unknown people?? - I said and Daisy started feeling nervous.

- Yo, your father "works" with me. - She said with the first excuse that came into her mind.

I just thought: I am going to meet One Direction today, so I will think of one thing ( OMG! ) at each time.




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