Everything changes

Louis Tomlinson is the bisexual guy in One Direction. No ones knows about this, except from his bandmate and bestfriend Harry Styles.
Louis soon finds out that he has a crush on Harry. Will Harry find out? Will it be love, or will it be just a game?


1. Chapter 1

Louis' POV:

We sat in the sofa in the tour bus eating breakfast. Harry ate like crazy, he had already eaten 4 toasts! I liked seeing him eat, his pink lips who always wrapped around the food.. I wanted his lips to be on mine, not on the toast. All I could think and dream about was him cuddling with me, leaving sweet kisses on my cheek and nose. We would be perfect together, I just need to admit it..

But if we ever had been together, should we tell they others? Liam, Zayn and Niall? Maybe they should know, they are our bandmates and bestfriends..

''Maybe you should eat some breakfast and stop staring at Harry'' Zayn said and dragged me out of my own thoughts.

''I'm not hungry..'' I replied. And I was too busy trying to look at Harry without being caught. 

When Harry's lips wrapped around the toast again, I kind of 'got excited'... If you know what I mean.. I know that I shouldn't, he's my bestfriend, but I want him more than a bestfriend.

''Okay, we have just three beds, which means that two of us needs to share. I'm sleeping alone'' Zayn said and giggled.

''I can share with Liam'' Niall said.

''I'm sharing with Louis!'' Harry said with his mouth full of food.

''Close your mouth!'' Liam said. I began laughing.

Harry moved over to Liam and swung and arm around his shoulder, I got jealous. ''You know, I'm going to talk with my mouth open every time I eat'' Harry said and giggled. Liam began laughing, and so did they others, but I didn't. He was touching MY Harry! He's MINE, okay?! He just don't know it yet.. 

Uhh, anyway, when we was finish eating we got ready for a new sunny day.

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