Fremione - A Harry Potter headcanon story

My first ever headcanon written from the influence of one of my ultimately favourite book series; Harry Potter. The first 'ship' I have chosen to write about is Fremione (Aka, Fred and Hermione). Hope you enjoy!

P.S. suggestions for new headcanons to write are gratefully received! :)


1. A surprise in the form of parchment


     Hermione giggled quietly to herself. He'd never done this before. She folded the little note back up small and squeezed it tight whilst closing her eyes and beamed a big, excited smile.


     Meanwhile, Fred lay on top of the covers on his bed in the dormitory, resting on his hands which were folded casually behind his head. He lay thinking. Thinking about Hermione of course. Dreaming, wishing, and fantasising a little. He was waiting. Waiting until every last one of his dorm-mates breathed muffled snores and he was able to sneak down to the common room. But then he worried - had she received the note? What if someone else had found it? What if it had gotten into someone else's hands and their secret became the latest piece of school gossip..? No. Don't be silly. Hermione was far too smart for that.


     She had interpreted his inclination exactly as he had planned. She knew. And Fred knew she knew. That was all that mattered.

    He smiled to himself. She was so beautiful. And she was different. That made her even more beautiful. Her long locks of luscious, brunette hair tumbled around her face perfectly, and she always looked effortlessly stunning without any make up or stylisation.


     Then he sighed a deep, saddened sigh. Why did she seem to like him back? He was nothing special. Just another Weasley. Another one of those poor, scrawny, flame-haired freaks. What could she possibly see in him? She deserved so much more.

     But she must see something. Hermione wasn't the sort to lead you on and break your heart. She knew how much that hurt... besides, Fred had never seen her look at anyone the way she looked at him - and that thought made him feel a whole lot better.

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