The Graveyard

How loss plays a great part in a fandom.


1. Harry

Walking alongside his old friend they persevere the blizzard the white sheets of mist flicking past their eyes, the snow seems to fall slower, like time had hesitated for Harry, like it felt sorry for his suffering. The snow parted beneath his feet, satifyingly crunching in surrender as he approaches the headstone, memories he wished to come back, but to his pure unknowing, nothing comes to his thoughts, only a block in his mind, all the missed years of his youth destroyed by a being whom had lost his heart to dark forces. He had been told stories about them, enough to give Harry an idea of what could have been, the exciting summer days, celebrated birthdays and family reunions. Now rest in Godrics Hollow, where James and Lily Potter lay. Harry dragged down to his knees by the sheer force of undying sorrow the cold snow prickling his knees, he gazes mournfullly at the headstone. 'In loving memory of James Potter and Lily Potter'. He sighs unsteadily, the lump in his throat building up, he closes his eyes, the pain becoming too much for the boy with the lightning scar. He cries into the palms of his cold hands. The snow lands peacfully around him savouring the moment. He looks up again, now red eyed and rosy cheeked he places a hand on the gravestone. 'I miss you, i'm so sorry..'

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