Two Steps Forward

One day, Tessa takes her younger sister, Mary, to a One Direction signing with her boyfriend, Kyle, for Mary’s birthday. When they are there, he doesn’t like how the group of boys talked and look at her- he ends up taking it out on Tessa. There, Niall Horan sees Kyle start to push Tessa around. Niall hates it when he see this type of thing, so he steps into help her out. No girl should be treated like that, he thinks. A whole new chapter starts for Tessa when the Irish boy defends her. What will happen?


1. Two Steps Forward

This is a story that is also on Wattpad- I wrote that one too, just want more opinions. 


“Tessa!” Mrs. Gibbs (an old woman who owned the best bakery in London) gasped. “You need to get home. It is nearly 10:30.”


I stopped wrapping a box filled with a variety of muffins, and I looked up and out the window. Sure enough, the summer sun was down and the streetlights were on. The bakery still had a few people who were choosing their items. I continued to wrap the box. Then, I hand it to the older couple on the other side of the counter.


“Hope you enjoy,” I smiled at them. “Come again.” The two smiled back at me and left.


“Don’t you ignore me young lady,” my boss snipped at me.


I let out a tired sigh, “Mrs. Gibbs, there is about five people left here. I can handle it.”


“You need to get back to Mary,” she argued.


Mrs. Gibbs was a short stubby woman with aged hair. She was like a grandma to me. Always watching over me and lecturing me.


Mary is my little sister - well, half sister - and she is 14 years old. I take care of her with the little money I get at my two jobs. She comes first for everything. Food, clothes, school, etc. Where is our parents you may ask me?


Our mum is a drugie/alcoholic; she has always had a problem.  My dad walked out on mum and I when I was born. He said I was worthless and so was she. Just when I turned five, mum had Mary with some guy named Peter. Peter is Mary’s dad. He was cool I guess; he was the only father figure I had for a while. Then, five years later, Peter left. He couldn’t deal with our mum’s problems anymore. Leaving Mary and I stuck with them.


Ever since then, my sister and I have been really close.


Because our mum doesn’t work, money has always been tight. Thus, I work two jobs. Mrs. Gibbs Bakery was my favorite. The aroma was always welcoming and warm. It always took stress away from me. She knew that I was the only one that worked to keep the family going, so whenever we most needed it, Mrs. Gibbs would keep extra food in a freezer for me down in the basement.


“Don’t worry Mrs. Gibbs,” I said while wiping powder on my apron . “Kyle is taking good care of her.”


“That boy is nothing but trouble,” she grumbled.


I let out a laugh. She has never liked him. “You say that about all the guys that come in here.”


“That’s because it’s true.”


“Kyle has done a lot for us. He came into our lives when we needed him the most.” This ended our conversation.


Kyle is my boyfriend. Mrs. Gibbs and Mary don’t like him - they think he is a jerk. They don’t see the things that he has helped out with though. Which, is quite a lot. Mrs. Gibbs left me to finish ‘til closing.


Everybody has either ordered or picked up the goodies. Now, it was only me in the bakery. Seeing as it was time to close, I lifted the apron over my head. Just as I did, the little jingle of bells sounded to the empty room.


My head shot up. “Sorry, Sir, we aren’t open,” I apologise to the customer. I looked back down at my clothes to see they were full of flour. The strings from my “We Are The In Crowd” sweatshirt were uneven, causing me to grow annoyed.


“Please, I will pay double the amount.” The guy came up to me. I looked up at him, and I let out a sigh. He was wearing jeans with a gray varsity sweatshirt, a beanie, and a pair of RayBans. Even with the hood over his head, you could see dark hair stick out of it.


I let out a laugh, and he gave me a confused look. “You are wearing sunglasses at 11:00 at night,” I explained to him. “How do I not know you aren’t some creepy raper?”


He leaned back and let out a full hearted laugh. When he was done, he smirked at me, and so close to- I could feel his breath on me. “You don’t.”


I rolled my eyes. “Have you heard of the six inch rule, buddy?” I asked him. “Step back, and wipe the smirk of you face.” He did as I commanded, but kept the smirk plastered. I knew this was the best I was going to get. “Anyways, we’re closed, and I need to get home to my sister and boyfriend.” I looked down at the cheap watch that circled my wrist. Looking at the time, I knew I was going to get an ear full when I got home. Kyle never liked it when I was out late.


“Please! I am begging you,” He begged with clasped hands together. “If I don’t get food soon, my friend is going to have a tantrum. I would go to Nando’s, but that’s too far.”


My eyes lit up when he mentions my favorite place to eat. “I love Nando’s.” I turned around to see if Mrs. Gibbs was lurking around anywhere. She was really the only one that cared about selling goodies after hours. “What can I get you?” I asked the stranger.


“Umm...” He said looking at the many options.


I let out a laugh, “My opinion for the best snack is the Chelsea Bun. It fills you up, and it is tasty.” Just thinking of it made my mouth water from my memory of how sweet it was.


He nodded before answering, “I will take two dozens than.”


I grabbed two cardboard boxes and folded them so they were able to carry things. After that, I grabbed a pair of rubber gloves, and started to pack the boxes. The smell of different pastries made my stomach grumble. It didn’t take me long finish. Once I was done, I tore off the gloves and through them in the waste bin.


“That will be £23. 41,” I told him without ringing it up with the cash register. He handed me the money.


“Thanks,” he said with a smile. “Hey, would you like to get some coffee tomorrow?” He asked me with a smirk.


“I have a boyfriend.”


He chuckled. “Not like that.”


“I would, but I am getting up early for my sister’s birthday tomorrow,” I sighed. It hit me like a rock when I said it. There was going to be thousands of screaming girls. Annoying screaming girls. Where you ask? “I am taking her to the One Direction signing. She wants to make sure we are in line early.”


“Okay. Well, see you around.”


With that he left.


“Now, that boy, he’s not a troublemaker.” I jumped up, almost peeing myself in the process. I turned to look behind me. There stood Mrs. Gibbs. That old woman knew how to sneak around. I hate it when she does that.


“Bloody hell, Mrs. Gibbs!”


She shrugged, and started to walk down a hallway that led to the kitchen. “Grab a couple treats for you and your sister,” was the last thing I heard from her.




My flat is only a couple of streets away from where I work. Because we didn’t have a car (and we didn’t have the money for a bus every day), I walked back and forth to where I had to go. I do have my drivers licenses though.


I quickly crossed over to the other side of the street where my flat stood tall. It made of aged red bricks, giving it look that clearly says “less unfortunate” all over. Did it bug me? No- it’s better than sleeping in a box. I opened the entry door and quickly made my way towards the stairs. The elevator at the end of the hall was taped up with a sign saying “Out of order”. It has been like that ever since we moved here.


We were on the second to top floor. I’ve become a pro at running up the steps. So, when I get to my flat, I wasn’t even a bit winded. The black door was filled with white scratches.


Switching the boxed goodies to my non dominant hand so then my right one could have access to the door knob. I twisted the chilled object while pushing. I chuckled at the sight in front of me.


Like I guessed, Kyle was mad. He stood in the middle of my living room with his arms crossed. His sandy hair was ruffled and messy. Not in a bad way though.


"What's so funny?" He growled. I shut the door, and I looked around to see Mary wasn't anywhere to be found.


I swallowed before answering, "Nothing." Kyle took two short strides toward me. There was plenty of space between us still.


"Why are you late?" Kyle asked.


I let out a sigh- not wanting to deal with this at the moment. "I am tired. Do we have to do this now? Mrs. Gibbs let me take some muffins." I rose the box in my hands and gave him a weak smile. He grabbed the box from my hand, and Kyle threw it behind him, making a crash (probably something breaking). I jumped.


These are the times when my boyfriend scared me. Yes, this type of thing has happened before. I shivered, thinking about it. Right now, I couldn't find the words to tell him. I was too scared.


“I-I got caught up at work. We were busy." I finally sputtered out.


“An hour late?” He questioned.


“Kyle you are overacting. Some guy-”


Kyle cut me off, “What guy?” More anger ripped in his blue eyes.


“What’s going on out here?”


My head snapped over to where the hallway that leads to our rooms. My younger sister, Mary, stood there with anxious eyes. She knew what going on. Mary has walked in up fighting before. Her dark hair was whipped around- her bed’s handiwork.


“Go back to your room!” Kyle yelled to Mary. I hated when he told her what to do. He acts as if she is his sister. Now, he wasn’t the only one upset.


“Kyle, you have no right to tell her what to do. You don’t control her, and I don’t have to explain why work held me late!”


I knew instantly once I said that to him, Kyle was going to snap. Kyle rose his hand and whipped it across my face.


The impact was really compact was really close to my face to my eye, making the pain less bearable. I was flown to ground. My face stung, and I was sobbing. Small hand touched my back, causing my to look up at the person.


Mary had tears coming down her face too. Well, from what I can see from my good eye at least.


“Get the hell out of here,” Mary sobbed. It was more of a yell though. Kyle, was about to hit Mary too, but I wasn’t going to allow it.


“Don’t touch her,” I snipped with gritted teeth.


Kyle looked at me. Something clicked in him. He glanced at his risen hand and slowly put it dozen. The blue orbs of his softened. They held guilt.


“Tess-” He started, but didn’t finish. I sobbed harder when he left. Mary brought me in her lap, letting me cry. The pain from my face increased, but my emotional pain overridden. Kyle promised me he would never touch me in an abusive way ever again. That was the fifth time struck me.


“Mary,” I sobbed. “He promised."


She stroked my hair in a soothing manner. “Shh,” was all that came out of her mouth.


Why didn’t I just explain to him? It is my fault if I just answered him.




The sound of my phone alarm woke me the next morning. I grumbled profanities on how I hated One Direction. They are the reason I’m getting up early. There is only one reason I am doing this: my sister.


The thought of my sister made me jump out of my bed- eventually I went into my room after an hours worth of crying. My room was simple. There was a bed, a nightstand, dresser, closet, and a black wall that was filled with different pictures. Usually my room was kept clean- I hated when it is messy.


I went to the only bathroom in my flat, and I started the shower. While I was waiting for the water to warm up, I looked in the mirror. I really wish I didn’t.


Memories of last night flipped through my head as I stared at the purplish bruise. It was in the form of a blotch, wrapping around the side of my eyes. I lightly brushed my fingers across my skin.


Instantly, I regretted it. A piercing throb went up and down me, making me squint. This then caused more pain. I let out a calming breath. When I got in the shower, the water droplets hit my face.


“Shit!” I cursed. Even the little amount of pressure sent enormous amounts of pain. I wasn’t even going to try to apply makeup to  hide the ugly bruise. The brush bristles would probably even hurt.


I started to relax as I got used to the feeling of water on the injury. After a while of just standing, I washed my hair with the familiar honey and lilac scented shampoo and conditioner. Then, I scrubbed my body with some body wash.


Once I was finished, I got out and wrapped myself in a towel. I peeked out the door to make sure that no one was around. The coast is clear.


Well Tessa, it is 5:30, I thought to myself.


My mum definitely wouldn’t be up until 10am. Mary and I are usually up at 7 o’clock. Thinking about this brought tiredness on me. Why am I up so early.


Because, your sister deserves a good birthday.


I put on my dark grey skinny jeans and a black band t-shirt on. Not a One Direction one either.  Just because I was going to their signing, doesn’t mean I have to act like a fangirl. I only knew one of the songs they sing. Modern rock was more my style- not some popular boy band.


One thing I did memorize of the boys, the Wake Up Song. Apparently, they used it when a couple of the band members wouldn’t wake up. I always use it to wake up Mary.


Mary’s room is always cluttered with One Direction magazines, books, posters, etc. She always kept it like this, but is able to find everything.


I walked over to her bed and quickly jumped up. At first, I settled myself before I started jumping while singing the Wake Up Song. Mary started to grumble.


“Wakie, wakie, Mary!” I sung.


She moaned into her pillow, making me laugh. “Go away, Tessa.”


I huffed and got off of her bed. “Get up, or you get a bowl of water spilt on you,” I threatened my younger sister.


She removed the covers from her head and looked at me wide eyed. “You wouldn’t.”


“Try me little girl.” I narrowed my eyes at her.  


She rolled her eyes. “Tessa, it’s only water. Now, leave.” Mary went back under the cover. As you can see, Mary isn’t a morning person. You would think that by now she would’ve learned (I’ve done this before).


“Fine, but I warned you.”


Usually, I would only pour a small bowl on her, but this time I’m going to use a soup pot. A nice big soup pot. I will add some vinegar- that way she won’t second guess me again.


I carried the pot slowly back to Mary’s room. When I got in there, my sister was asleep. An evil smirk sneaks on my face. It grew bigger when I poured it. Mary bolted up gasping and spitting the vinegar water out.


“Get up,” I commanded. “You have twenty minutes to get ready. That means, showered, hair and teeth brushed, and makeup on. Plus you need to eat breakfast.” Mary had a sour look on her face- this made me chuckle.


“What did you mix with the water?” She asked.


“It’s only water, Mary,” I mocked. “Now, hurry up. Your food will be done soon.” I left her sitting on the bed, but once I got two step out, I remembered something. “Oh, and happy birthday!”


Cooking is one of the talents I have. Usually, I make basic things at home, but when I am with Mrs. Gibbs, she lets me help her bake. I adored food and the many ways you can cook it.


I grabbed a frying pan out of a cabinet. Mary always got eggs and bacon for her birthday. They are her favorite.


A knock sounded at the door. I looked over at the clock to see it is fifteen to 6 o’clock. My forehead creased. I walked over to the door, and I opened it. Why don’t I ever look through the peep hole first? It would save me some trouble.


I swallowed the lump that was in my throat. Kyle stood outside my flat. His eyes were tired, and he looked stressed.


“What are you doing here, Kyle?”


“I’m here to take you and your sister to the signing,” Kyle spoke boldly. If I wasn’t looking at him, I would think that he was fine. The American boy knew how to hide things.


“We can get there by ourselves,” I snipped.


He rolled his eyes. “How? Are you going to walk?” Kyle asked. I didn’t reply because I didn’t know the answer to his question. I’m sure Mrs. Gibbs would allow me to use her car. Kyle rose his hand, and I instantly flinched back. His eyes widened. “Tess...”


“You promised,” I barely managed to whisper while a tear slid down my cheek.


Kyle’s voice softened, “I’m so sorry Tessa. I broke my promise, and I feel horrible. Please, forgive me.” Kyle was looking at my bruised face the whole time he spoke. This made me uncomfortable.


I cleared my throat. “It’s Mary’s birthday- don’t ruin it.”


I moved away from the door and went into the kitchen. I then finished up breakfast, but gave my serving to Kyle since I seemed to lose my appetite. Mary was sitting at the table shoving her food into her mouth while glaring at Kyle.


“I got you something,” I told Mary excitedly. Mary’s eyes lightened up. “Just stay here.” The wooden chair scraped across the floor as I got up and left for my room. Inside my nightstand sat a blue envelope. When I got back, my sister was practically jumping out of her seat.


“Harry can’t fit in an envelope,” Mary said, confused. I laughed at how obsessed the girl was over the curly hair guy. She always seemed to be able to amuse me by talking about him.


“Open the damn card, Mary,” Kyle snipped. My sister held a glare with him for a while. One thing most people mistaken was that my sister is not a girl to mess around with.


“I can do whatever the bloody hell I want, Kyle,” She forcefully told him. Mary slipped her present in her bag. “In fact, I will open it later.”


She always did this- showed my boyfriend that he couldn’t push her around. Apparently, I do this (let him push me around). That’s what she has told me at least.


He rolled his eyes . I got up from my chair again, and went to my room. In there I grabbed my black leather jacket and combat boots. I went into the bathroom and applied a light coat of mascara. While I did this, I made sure to not touch the bruise.


I let out a sigh, then I went out to where the other two were. Mary was still glaring at Kyle. Kyle seemed to be trying to ignore her. She knew how to intimidate people when she wanted to.


“Lets get this over with,” I sighed.


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