The Controlling Shadow

I do not own any characters of Skulduggery Pleasant or Any themes or ideas linked with Skulduggery Pleasant, They belong to Derek Landy.

Shadow watchers are now a new threat for the crime fighting duo, But when Valkyrie is targeted what will Skulduggery do to get her back? Read on to find out.....


1. Revealing.

A dark shadow passed over the lonely abandoned clinic as another shadow watcher came back to the clinic him and his gang liked to call home. He walked through the damp corridors until he came to a room he actually recognized. He pulled the thick door away from the old door frame and stepped into the old room which held many files of the next targets he was planning on controlling. He was the last of the shadow watchers, A mix of vampire and zombie, Who controlled the minds of unique individuals and turned them into Shadow Watchlings. He knew, That his next target was not going to be an easy target, But was vital to his ultimate goal of destroying the sanctuary. He had to overpower and control one of the toughest sanctuary members there is. He moved across the room in a swift fashion until he came to a file that actually held information he actually wanted at this point in time. His long thin fingers glided across the front as a sly grin formed on his face, The file he finally needed was in his hands. He carefully opened up the file and a picture of his next target tumbled to the floor, He turned over the image and saw his next target. Valkyrie Cain.....

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