Why I Write

[Inspired by @tumblrandfood]


1. Why I Write.....

So, having just gotten home, I opened Movellas and this story popped up and a girl (tumblrandfood) had posted about why she was writing.

It really touched me...

And she asked for people to write one too, so, I'm writing again....

I was bullied heavily in the fourth and fifth grade and a girl I was friends with was writing one of the most amazing stories ever. I can remember her letting me borrow it so I could go home and make coppies of it!

I started writing, and my first story was about a dream I had where I was on a date and a gang tried to jump us and my date saved my life.

Actually, a lot of people teased me about it and life got worse, I threw the story away. I can remember its name, Love At First Sight.

After I transfered schools, everyone thought it was AMAZING that I had a passion for writing, I even wrote my class's Christmas play!

I love writing, becuase for those moments where you get so into writing, everything goes away. You're that person and you feel everything they feel, you control their life at a push of a few buttons, or at the slightest move of your hand across the paper.

For me, being able to take a blank peice of paper, and turn it into something... that's just the most perfect thing in the world.

And I love for the fact that when you read or write, you're immediatley in a new world.

When I write, most of the time the main characters are me (if you've read my Movellas you can probably tell) and they're all better than me. (Wow, that sounds so pathetic!)

But, like they can do things I can't. Like date One Direction for example. ;)

But really, one girl can be from the city and not know anything about life outside a concreete jungle, and another one won't know anything beside open feilds and mountail ranges.

In real life, I'm not shy; but I'm not outgowing either. I have my selection of friends, and the best way to describe us is wallflowers. I'm in my drama club at school and if they'd have a glee club I would so be in it.

I write because it is the most perfect therapy there is in the world.

In the furture, I wish to be a author or a singer. And then my best friend and I are going to have a botique in LA and she's going to sell pies and pasteries and junk and clothes while I'll sell clothes and antique books. Then we're going to quit or jobs and go to Bonaroo.


{P.S. I will update High School Romance tommorow if I have the time, and the same goes for Summer In New York, and Stole My Heart. If my co-author- Stella- emails me the updated version. I'm debating on weather or not to deleat My Sister Grimm story, so please tell me your ideas on that.}


Thank you if you spent the time reading this. I seriously love you all!

Love, Love, Love,

cowgirl_dreamer   [a.k.a. Morgan Nicole ]

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