Loving You

It looked like Harry and Niall were fighting. Niall sunk down in his seat as Harry smiled cheekily.
Emily Warner is your average American teenager. That is, until her parents move the whole family to England. And when Emily attracts the band's attention, she scores herself a date with one of the most famous boys in the world. But what is it really like dating One Direction?


1. Meet & Greet

Emily's POV:
Wow. My first One Direction Meet & Greet. I defenently deserved to go. I mean, how could I not, after my parents ruining my life? How could they do that, just move my family to England?
"Emily, look! I can see Liam!" my little sister, Anna, cried, tugging in my sleeve. 
Liam was her favorite. Her personality is a lot like his. Mature, smart, and quiet. Anna is ten years old, and had brown hair and green eyes, just like I do. We could be twins, it it wasn't for the eight year age difference. On the other hand, I am more outgoing than Anna is.
Harry and Niall are my favorites. I really admire Niall's love for food. I think it's really cute. But I also love Harry's flirty style. He reminds me of my first boyfriend, Derrick. But that relationship didn't last long. They rarely do. And I'm never the one ending them.
Anna starts jumping up and down, startling me out of my daydreams. I look up, and see that we are only a few people away. We could see the boys really clearly now. It looked like Harry and Niall were fighting. Niall sunk down in his seat as Harry smiled cheekily. I wonder what that's about.
I swear Harry just winked at me. But it can't be true. No, it was probably was meant for the girl in front of me. Pretty, with long blond hair, how could it not? I would just die to be in that position.
It's the blonde girl in front of me's turn. The boys politely greet her, sign a poster, and take a picture. 
"It's our turn! It's our turn!" Anna states, excited.
I tug down my shirt and tuck my hair behind my ears before stepping up to the table the band is sitting at.
"Hello love, what is your name?" Louis asks me. 
"Uh, Emily," I reply. I'm so nervous and excited I can barely speak. 
"And your's?" Zayn asks my sister with a smile.
"Anna!" she says energetically.
"Do you mind signing this?" she asks Liam, pulling out her One Direction tee-shirt.
"Sure," he answers, leaning over to autograph the shirt.
Anna passes it to all the boys. 
"Thank you so much!" she gushes. "I love you guys!"
"Would you like us to sign anything of yours?" Niall asks me sweetly.
"Well, I do have a CD, If that's ok," I ask.
"That's great! Zayn, you go first. I wanna be last," Harry states.
That's weird. Why would Harry want to go last?
That doesn't matter right now. All that matters is that I am speaking to my favorite celebrities in the world right now.
"Here you go," Harry hands me the CD. I look down at it. Below Harry's name, I see a series of numbers. A phone number!
"Wha-" I start, but Harry cuts me off.
"Well, goodbye. We have many people waiting in line behind you. Don't want to hold them up. Bye!" says Harry in a rushed voice.
We say our goodbyes, and just when I'm about to turn around and walk away, Harry lean over and whispers in my ear, "Call me."
"You bet," I whisper back with a wink. 


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