Regret - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

When Emma Gilbert and her mom move she has to go to a new school, the first person she meets is a boy named Harry. When Harry's friends find out about Emma they dare Harry to ask her out on a date and to try to get her to fall in love with him. As time goes on Emma starts to fall in love with Harry more and more everyday, he continues to pretend to care about her so that he can win the dare. Harry soon realizes that he actually cares about Emma and that he is actually falling in love with her. What will happen when Emma finds out about the dare? Will Harry regret his decision? Where will it leave them both?


1. Chapter 1


Hi my name's Emma, this is my first day at my new school. I guess I'm kinda excited but also a little nervous. The best part about the move is that I'm only about a 30 minute drive away from my friends. I'm glad we didn't move half way across the country or even half way across the world but I feel so far away from them and my old life. Today, I start a new life with new friends, a new school, a new house in a new place but I'm going to have to try to make the best of it.

Me and my mom pulled up in front of my new school, I wasn't going to be late which is always a good thing on your first day but I'm so used to talking to my friends before the first bell rings to go to class. Now I have nobody.

"Good luck Em, I bet you'll have a great day" my mom smiled as I got out of the car and made my way towards the school. I took a deep breath and opened the door to the entrance then slowly walked in and looked for the school's office. I turned around the corner of the hallway and banged into a boy who was on his way to class. 'Nice one Em, way to start your day' I thought to myself. His books flew out of his hands and landed in front of my feet. I looked up at him. He was gorgeous, brown curly hair and bright green eyes.

"I'm so sorry" I quickly looked at the floor, I could feel my cheeks heating up.

"No no, it's fine. I haven't seen you around here before. What's your name love?" He spoke slowly, his voice was deep and raspy.

"I'm Emma. Do you know where the principals office is?" He looked around the hall with his eye brows furrowed, he smirked and his eyes quickly made their way back to me.

"Well Emma, you're standing right in front of it" he pointed behind me. I turned around to see a room with a sign on the door that said "Office". I felt so stupid. My cheeks turned a bright color pink. As I turned back around to face the boy again.

"If you go in there they should tell you everything you need to know. I'm Harry by the way." I nodded. He knelt down and picked up his books. "I'll see you around Emma" he lightly chuckled and walked down the hall. I sighed, mentally slapping myself. How could I have missed that? It was right in front of me. I watched Harry as he walked down the hall and turned the corner then I walked over to the office door and turned the handle.

"Hello, how can I help you?" A lady in about her late thirty's smiled at me as I walked in.

"I'm Emma Gilbert. I'm new here, I was wondering if you had my schedule" the lady pointed at the chair next to me, signaling for me to take a seat.

"Yes, miss Gilbert. Here's your schedule and if you wait right here for a moment I'll go around back to get your text books" she handed me a square piece of green paper with my name and all my teachers name's and classes written on it. I have Math first period. The lady walked in and handed me 7 books. She placed a small piece of paper on the top of my Science book .

"That's your locker number and combination. Come with me and I'll show you where it is". She walked out of the office and made her way down the same hall Harry had just headed down, we kept walking until we walked up to a set of dark blue lockers. She quickly scanned the numbers written on the lockers with her eyes.

"Here we go, locker number 108. Here's your combination, I have a copy of it in the office if you ever forget or loose it. Why don't you get straightened away and then I'll show you where your first class is." I put all my books except for my math book into my locker and closed it. I followed the lady down the hall once again until we reached a brown door with the number "112" and a sign that said "Mr.. Tanner" on it.

"This is your first class, your teachers will guide you from here. I'm just in the office if you need anything. Have a nice day" she smiled and walked away. I could hear Mr.. Tanner's voice from outside the door. I wondered if the boy Harry was in this class, maybe I'd get to see him again. That thought made me feel a little excited yet nervous. I wanted to get to know him better but after what happened this morning it would probably be better if I never see him again. I was never good at talking to guys, especially not after I've embarrassed myself in front of them. I lightly knocked on the door to the classroom and waited for it to open. A tall man stood in the doorway holding a white board marker.

"Hello, you must be Emma. Come on in, you can sit in the back next to Caroline and Jenna. We're almost finished talking about what's expected of you this year but I'm sure if you asked someone they would lend you their notes." I walked in the classroom and headed to the back row of seats. I sat in the middle of two girls, one of them had blue eyes and short wavy blonde hair the other blue eyes and long brown hair just like mine.

"Hi, I'm Caroline" The blonde haired girl smiled holding out her hand.

"I'm Emma" I returned her smile and shook her hand.

"That's Jenna, she's one of my best friends" She pointed to the girl sitting on the other side of me. I nodded. Our attention was soon at the front of the class when Mr.Tanner continued with his lesson, I turned to see Harry sitting in the corner looking my way. As soon as we made eye contact I turned my head back to focus on Mr.Tanner. I tried so hard to pay attention to the rest of his lesson but I couldn't keep my eyes off Harry. The bell for second period rang and I snapped back to reality. I gained nothing from that class which meant I had to ask someone for their notes, I hesitated but walked over to Harry who was about to leave the classroom.

That's it for chapter one, please tell me what you think in the comments! :) -Jacinda

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