Is this what you call a family? (A Broken Daughters Broken Love)

Kayleigh Quinn grew up in a home where her father wasn't present and her mom had to leave her when she was younger.She's now 27 and she's living her dreams with her successful band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.But what happeneds when her father comes back into her life?Will Kayleigh and her father have a close bond?Or will Kayleigh reject her father's wishes to connect with her?


1. Meet Forsake The Beautiful Minds

Kayleigh Quinn~Age:27~Lead Singer/Screamer

Sup,I'm Kayleigh Quinn.I'm the lead singer/screamer for the band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.I was born Kayleigh Quinn Beswick but I'm better known as Kayleigh Quinn.Besides singing and writing songs with the band,I love spending time with my 1 year old son,Christopher and my fiance Brendan Rosenblatt.Did I mention that I love food and that people call me "The Human Pikachu"?


Gabriella Bourland~Age 22~Drummer 

Hey,I'm Gabby Bourland.I'm the drummer for the band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.And just in case,you're confused,my name is Gabriella but I go by Gabby or Gabz.


Justine Hallis~Age 22~Bassist

Hey,hey.I'm Justine Hallis.I'm the bass guitarist for the band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.I go by Justie or Jus sometimes.I'm also the baby of the band,haha.


Jessica Lamoreaux~Rhythm guitarist

Sup,dudes and dudettes.I'm Jessie Lamoreaux and I play the rhythm guitar for the band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.I also do backing vocals.And yes,I know I told you my name is Jessie but if you didn't know...My name is Jessica.People call me Jessie  or Jess.Besides hanging out with my best friends/bandmates,I love spending time with my husband.


Alex Faris~Lead guitarist

Hello,everyone.I'm Alex Faris and I play lead guitarist for the band Forsake The Beautiful Minds.Everyone calls me Lex or Lexi.

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