You're wrong

Do you ever want to tell them?


1. I need to tell you

I want to scream it out, but every time I try, my mind goes blank. I want to tell everyone how I'm feeling, but I can't. I want to tell you that you're wrong, that you don't understand. That we learnt from you. That we aren't trying to be bad people, but you won't listen. You don't listen if we're peaceful, you don't listen if we're mad. You don't listen to our suggestions, you spit out your own. You raise higher class douchebags to replace you, but they're getting tired too. Getting tired of restrictions, of having no say. Tired of listening to your idiocy about how OUR generation are violent thugs. And so we say, forget you. If we want to live in the media let us. If we think we have a good suggestion, listen. We are the future, you are the past. Yes, we are going to make mistakes, but so did you. So did everyone. Because perfection doesn't exist, and we're tired of trying to meet your expectations that are set so high we'll never reach them.

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