Just Because You're Famous (on hold)

When I moved to London, I had the honour to be at the same school as the biggest jerks in the entire world. They think that everyone kisses the ground they've walked on, and why? Just because they're famous.


1. One who?

My name is Jodie Walkers i'm 16 years old and i'm moving to London with my dad my older brother Brian and my mom who's pregnant well my life story is Iwasn't never really the populair kid but Ihad alot of friends oh and i'm not afraid anyone but let's get back to the story.


''Jodie Walkers you have 30 minutes before school begins get down right now!'' My mom yelled for the 70th time today or something like that.

''I'm coming!'' I yelled for about the 70th time.....


''I know I know sorry mom'' I said to my mom

''Just eat your breakfast fast and where is that brother of yours?''

''Oh he already went to school about 20 minutes ago'' I told my mom

''Why would he go..... Oh great your toast is burned'' My mom said to me

''It's oke i'll just eat an apple''

''Oke hunny I will see you after school and remember make some friends oke hunny?''

''Yeah mum I will now see you later bye'' And with that I gave my mom a quik peck on the cheeck and I went inside my dad's car how drove me to my new hell or should I say school.....


*Skipping car ride*


''Have a nice day at school hunny bye''

'''Bye dad''


''Ah! your daddy dropping your off hhmm?'' A guy with an irish accent and blonde hair said to me.

''Got a problem?'' I said to them with no expression on my face.

''Not if you will have lunch with us?''

''Fuck you guys''

''Maybe later babe'' He told me and gave me wink and the other ass..... guys laughed behind him.

''Wauw you seriously need your ''gang'' to stand behind you while yoor trying to get a girl to eat lunch with you guys here's a thing next time your trying to hit on a girl make sure she dosn't wanna HIT you in the face oke hunny well bye.....''

And with that I walked off leaving the blonde guy with an open mouth and the rest of his ''gang'' laughing.


''Oke class today we have a new student her name is Jodie Walkers'' My teacher English told the class but everyone didn't really pay attention.

There was only one guy paying attention he was sitting in the back and he was smirking at me.

''Thank you sir I will just go sit somewhere''

''You can sit next to Louis in the back'' He said while pointing at that guy

Just great thanks Mister Baker your my new favorite teacher (noticed the sarcasme?)


''Hey beautiful'' Louis said while smirking at me

''Listen Louis or whatever your name is i'm here to make friends and not a slutty man whore like you believe me I know your type of guys and i've had my past with that so why don't you just talk normal to me and we can just act like classmates oke?''

''Nope!'' He said with this childish expression.


''You'll making that sound alot later babe.....'' He said while smirking at me

Just great I just met Louis......




I met this girl called Kirsten while we we're in French class and she's really nice she's fan of this Boyband called One Direction I don't really listen to music of this time I really like the 80's so I litterly know nothing about music of this time but apperntly that band is in this school so that's cool I kind of wanna know who they're.


''Let's sit there'' I said while pointing at a table

''Oke seems good'' Kirsten said

But I wish we would have sit somewhere else

''OMG it's them One Direction.

She said while pointing at those dushy man whores they we're sitting acros from us.

Great so they are the worlds most famous boy band like serious?!?

But i had to admit the one with the curls was pretty cute.....

''Oh starring at Harry are we!'' Kirsten said a little to loud.....

''Shut up I said while looking over at Harry he was just smilling at me.

''Baby what about that deal you had with Niall here this morning you give me tonight ha?'' Harry said

Well there we're the chances for him.....

''You know what Harry sure I will slap you''

''Oh and I will.....'' Harry said before the bell cutted him off.


Omg yes the bell.

''Let's go!'' I said while grabbing Kirsten her arm and I dragged her to our next class and go knows what that will be......


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