A Forgotten Magical Creation

Scarlet Red Membles is a magically created person. The only problem os she doesn't know about her true origin. Her perpose was to accompany her "sister" ,Evergreen Membles.But one day,a barn owl was seen flying towards the family.Scarlet was suddenly being ignored and Dumbledore decides to pop in for a visit....


3. Coping.....

A year has past.The attic now has a plain single bed,a small piece of broken mirror hanging from a single nail and a basket where I put my wooden comb,my tiny baby blue pouch and a little stash of underwear(not used).
I found a job working at an ice cream parlor owned by Mr. and Mrs. Saywell.They offered me great pay(10000$/month) and I became good friends with their daughter,Bellatrix.She sometimes comes over and help me clean up the attic of the weekly dump of a week's of scraps by my mom.Bellatrix goes to Hogwarts and my only other friends are her parents.


Sorry for the extremely short chapter.
I wanted to explain about how she was coping.Send me lots of comments.Kiss.Kiss.Bye!

Stay beautiful,
Cursed(not real name btw.)

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