Simply Me

It's not always easy being an outcast, especially when you older brother is the most popular guy at school. As you read this story you'll experience the hard life that young teen, Holland Rosewood lives. But what happens when her world is turned upside down?


1. Simply Me

This is a short story that I wrote guys! It doesn't have chapters; this is all there is. But I thought you guys might like to read it! “It’s time for school!” My mother exclaimed down the hall. I rolled over in my bed and squinted as the bright sunlight hit my eyes. “Wake up, Holland!” She said barging in my room. “I’m awake.” I groaned, climbing out of bed. I quickly got dressed and ready for my first day of sophomore year. I was not looking forward to today. “Let’s go! You are going to be late!” “Coming!” I called one last time and then rushed downstairs. I stopped to take a quick glance at myself in the mirror. My long, blonde hair was wavy and my clothes were fairly wrinkled and out of style. Pushing my glasses up higher on my nose, I sighed walking away from the mirror. Have you ever heard the story about the ugly duckling? Yeah, well, that’s me. I wasn’t popular; far from it. I didn’t have the newest trends. I had only a handful of friends. There’s only one reason as to why I don’t get bullied as much as you would think and that reason is because of my older brother; my only sibling. My older brother is Riley Rosewood; captain and quarterback of the Varsity football team. He’s a junior and he is the only reason I’ve survived high school so far. Yeah, there are those petty girls that will spread rumors, and laugh at me, but no one has ever physically bullied me, thanks to Riley. “You ready, sis?” He asked, chowing down on a piece of toast. I just nodded. “Today’s going to be great. Try smiling.” He joked, patting me on the back as we walked towards his truck. I could already tell that today was going to be different, but I didn’t know how yet. Once we had arrived at school, Riley went his way and I went mine. My best friend, Isaac, was waiting for me outside our first class. I checked my schedule and that class was Civics. I hated this class already, because it was split half and half; half of the sophomores along with half of the juniors. “Hey, Holland!” Isaac beamed giving me a big hug. I hugged him back and we walked into class. He was babbling on about his summer. I went to take a seat when it was almost jerked out from under me. Hearing giggles and snickers, I turned to see junior, Paisley McMillan. She was the most popular girl in school and captain of the cheer team, yet dumb as a rock. The most gorgeous girl in school, but most of all, she was unfortunately my brother’s girlfriend. Around him, she was an angel. Around me, she was a she-devil. “Holland, sit over here.” My other best friend, Spencer called. She was sitting behind Isaac and was pointing at the seat next to her. Slowly making my way to my seat, I pulled out my books and froze when I saw who was sitting in front of me. My brother’s best friend and my middle school crush, Baylor Scott. “Welcome back, class! To start off the day, I won’t all of you to friendly greet someone or ask them about their summer.” Ms. James stated. Chatter echoed through the classroom as students started to talk. “Hi, Holland How was your summer?” Baylor asked, smiling his dazzling smile. I froze. No, Baylor did not just talk to me. I could feel my eyes get big and I made an inaudible sound. “I - Um. It was - Hi.” I finally choked out. “Hey, did you have a good summer?” I couldn’t breathe. What’s wrong with me? “Look everyone, Holland is blushing like crazy. I think someone has a crush!” Paisley exclaimed, and everyone in the class laughed. I could feel my cheeks burn red with anger and embarrassment as I laid my head down wanting to just crawl in a hole. Why couldn’t Riley be in this class? As the longest day of my life drug on, I continued to quietly fight off humiliating slurs that Paisley and her gang spewed out every time they saw me. I don’t see how anyone could ever be friends with her. At lunch, I ate my meal with Isaac and Spencer and hung out with them for the remainder of the day. It was now the last class of the day. Just like my first class, some juniors and sophomores shared this class. It had been 3 full hours without Paisley making a false or mean remark about me and she just couldn’t pass up the opportunity when I almost tripped over a kid’s bag. Once I had regained my balance everything became blurry. “Wow, Holland, you might want to put these awful glasses to good use and keep them on your face.” She spat out. “Give them here.” I replied with malice. “Aw, what’s little ole Holland going to do about it?” I didn’t have the energy to argue with her, and even if I did, I probably still wouldn’t have stood up for myself. Paisley was still making jokes about me when I turned to walk to my seat, paying close attention as to where I stepped. Finally reaching my seat, I laid my head down. I wanted to cry. Why was I such an outcast? “Here you go, Holland. Fetch!” Paisley chirped and tossed my glasses at me. They made a clunking sound when they hit the ground. “Oops.” She and her clique snickered. “Enough, Paisley!” A deep voice commanded. My first instinct was my brother, but he wasn’t in this class. And it wasn’t my brother, it was Baylor. Paisley sunk down into her chair and didn’t say a word the rest of the class period. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, but I’m glad it did. The bell rang and I bolted for the door. “Holland! Wait.” Baylor’s voice called. “I’m sorry, about Paisley; she can be a hand full. She’s like best friends with my sister and she’s always around. But don’t listen to what she says. She just wants attention.” He stated, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Oh, ok. Thank you for sticking up for me.” I smiled. “No problem.” Baylor winked and walked away. “OH MY GOSH! Baylor Scott just talked and winked at you!” Spencer screamed once we were beyond earshot of everyone. “I know!” I blushed. “Wow, so Isaac and I are going to go to the park later, you should come. There’s supposed to be a street fair going on.” She explained. “Yeah, I’ll meet you there! I smiled and we both walked off. “There you are.” Riley smiled. He always smiled. “How was school?” I didn’t want to answer, but I couldn’t lie to him; he saw straight through me. I just smiled and replied three simple words. “It was… different.” As soon as I got home, I laid out some clothes on my bed for the fair and pulled my laptop onto my lap. Scrolling through Facebook, one thing caught my eye and made my stomach sink. Where did she get this? I saw a picture of me from 8th grade! It was awful. My hair was out of place, I had no makeup on, braces, and glasses. I was literally disgusting in this picture. I did get my braces off and I do use some make up now, but for her to post this picture is just hateful. I looked down and saw over thirty comments. As I scrolled through them, I started to feel my eyes burn. Why were people so mean? Continuing to read the comments, tears spilled down my face. I slammed my laptop shut and laid across my bed, crying myself to sleep. I yawned and stretched as the sun shined through my window. Despite everything that had happened yesterday, I felt refreshed and better now. Forcing myself out of bed, I made my way down the hall to the bathroom. When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I screamed. “AH!” “What is it?!” Riley asked rushing into the room, holding a baseball bat. “Look at me!” I squealed. “You look fine.” He chuckled and walked off. “I’ll see you at school.” “But wait! I look… pretty! But that’s beside the point! Aren’t you my ride?” “Well, let’s not be modest.” Riley laughed. “And I figured you would just ride with your “boyfriend”.” He said in a baby voice. “You’re hilarious.” I smirked, continuing to examine myself. Boyfriend, I totally have one of those… not! When did I get contacts? And my hair looks like it’s in perfect condition. Shrugging off my brother’s jokes, and my weird, overnight change, I walked over to my closet and squealed again. I had designer clothes everywhere. I imagine this is what Paisley’s closet looks like. I took out a pink skirt and floral top with sandals. Glancing in the mirror, like yesterday, I saw an entirely different person, but I loved it. “Hey, Mom, Where’s Riley?” I asked, hoping she’d compliment me on my appearance this morning. “Well, he left. He said you were riding with your boyfriend.” “What? I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ll just call Spe-“ “Call Paisley,” My mom suggested. “Why would I call her?” I gasped. “For a ride, silly. You guys are best friends.” I didn’t reply; she must not have gotten much sleep last night. My phone vibrated as I poured a glass of milk. I almost spit milk everywhere when I read it. Hey, babe. I’m here. I walked outside and almost passed out. Baylor was sitting in my driveway, smiling. He got out and kissed me on my cheek. “Good morning.” He winked and opened my door. As he shut the truck door, a thought hit me. This is a joke. I continued to play along with Baylor, but it felt like he’d known me forever. As if we were really dating. Could this really be my life now? When we arrived at school, everyone said Hey to me. People noticed me. Paisley and her friends asked me to sit with them at lunch, like we’d been friends for years. How could this be real? Last night I was the girl no one liked. And now I’m popular. I have a boyfriend, lots of friends, and I’m pretty. I could get used to this. The entire morning, all I heard was people saying my name and saying Hi. I felt like the Queen of England. It was amazing, until I noticed one flaw in my personal paradise: things were different. Like at lunch, Isaac ignored me; which isn’t a shock. I love Isaac, but we tend to always be mad at each other. I didn’t think much about that, but in second period, Spencer didn’t say a word to me. It was almost as if she didn’t even know me. It was lunch time now. “Over here, sweetheart”, Baylor exclaimed. I blushed as I walked over to the seat next to him. “Whoa, your outfit is totes cute!” Paisley beamed. In my new life, we were actually friends. The entire lunch, we talked about everything related to homecoming. Yesterday, I wouldn’t have even thought for a second about homecoming, but now… I have the perfect life. I get to go shopping for a dress, for the shoes, and get my hair done! “Speaking of homecoming, Holland…” Baylor started, turning to me, I could already feel my face turn red. “Yes?” I replied. “Will you give me the honor of going to homecoming with me?” “Yes, I would love to!” I smiled, throwing my arms around his neck. After lunch, it was time for my sixth period class, and when I walked in the teacher was handing us our test. I totally forgot about this test. I didn’t even study. This was so unlike me. She didn’t even mention a test yesterday, or at least I don’t think she did. Yesterday was becoming a blur now. “Hey, Spencer, can I borrow your notes?” I asked. She looked at me like I was a ghost. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?” She asked. “Are you kidding?” I was shocked. I need her to borrow her notes, this isn’t funny anymore. “Come on, we’ve been best friends since like kindergarten!” “Wow…” She said, moving to another seat. “Okay.” She can’t be serious! What’s going on? I practically failed that test! What Spencer did wasn’t funny! Just because I’m popular now doesn’t mean she has to completely forget about me. I haven’t forgotten about her! Have I? Finally the last bell of the day rung and I could leave! I waited for Baylor in the parking lot, but he never came. Where could he be? I thought he was taking me home today… As if on signal, my phone buzzed. Hey, I’m sorry, but this thing we had. It’s over. See you around. My heart sank. Baylor did not just break up with me over text message! Tears formed in my eyes as I sat down on the grass. “Are you okay?” A familiar voice asked. I knew right away who it was. “Isaac! I’m so happy to see you! Baylor dumped me and I don’t know where Riley is. Something’s seriously wrong. No one will talk to me!” I said with tears continuing to escape from my eyes. “Uh, Holland… isn’t that your name?” I looked up at him. His face was blank. “What? Don’t you know who I am?” “Well, yeah, you’re in my class, but I don’t really know you.” He stated. Ok, today has been beyond weird. I was racking my brain when it hit me: This new perfect life I was given has side effects and consequences. I whipped out my phone to call Riley and explain my weird situation. His contact name had been changed for some reason. Instead of Big Bro it was now just Riley. I hope that didn’t mean what I thought it did. “Hello?” He answered. “Riley! Thank God! Where are you?” I asked. “At home, duh”, Riley replied. “Well, why didn’t you bring me home?” “I didn’t know I was supposed to. Where do you live?” There goes my heart again. If it was possible to sink any lower it did. “Riley? I’m…” I started to say, but it was no use. That moment, I realized everything. My new life isn’t my life at all. I’m not Holland Rosewood anymore. I’m this unrealistic, made up Barbie. “Hello?” Riley replied, snapping me out of my trance. “Never mind, I’m fine.” I sniffled and then hung up. My friends don’t know me. My brother doesn’t remember me. I have no place to live. And no one left to turn to. I was walking down the sidewalk when I found a small café that was open. It was now raining so I decided to go and sit in the café for now. Laying my head down on the table, I began to cry. What is happening? Everything has changed. I could faintly hear someone saying my name, but ignored them. “Holland. Holland...” They said. “Holland, wake up!” I jerked my head up to see Riley standing over me. “Did you sleep in those clothes?” He asked. I looked around at my surroundings and noticed I was back in my room still wearing the same clothes that I had worn my first day of school. Before I could process anything else, I jumped up and wrapped my arms around my big brother. “Riley!” I beamed. “Holland!” He said, mimicking my enthusiastic tone! “I love you, bro.” I said, pulling away. “I love you too.” He chuckled. “You’re acting different today.” “You have no idea.” I laughed. This morning I threw on a yellow dress and actually fixed my hair and makeup. I still kept my glasses on, checked my reflection in the mirror and smiled actually liking what I saw. “Don’t you look nice?” My mom smiled as I entered the kitchen. “Thank you”, I replied. “Let’s go, sis!” Riley rushed. I strolled out of the house and hopped in Riley’s truck. “You are in a good mood, huh?” He laughed. “Actually, I am”, I perked. When we arrived at school, I found Spencer and Isaac; giving them each big hugs! They were confused as to why I was so perky, but they wouldn’t understand even if I had told them. In first hour, I had just turned my test in when someone called my name. “Hey, I have been meaning to ask you something”, Baylor said nervously. “Oh, if you need a tutor, I’d be happy to help you with-“ “No, I don’t need a tutor. I wanted to ask you something else”, He added. “I didn’t really know how to ask you this, but would you like to go to homecoming with me, Holland?” I was speechless. “You’re joking, right”? I laughed, even if this was a joke it wasn’t very funny. “Not the response I was expecting and no, I’m serious”, He replied. “Wow, well, in that case. I would love to.” I gave Baylor a hug and then rushed to tell Spencer and Isaac all about it. Today was way better than yesterday. Many people complemented me, but not like in my dream. They complemented me, because today I was me. I wasn’t pretending to be someone I wasn’t or trying to live a perfect life. I was just being myself, Holland Rosewood. And that seems to be what I do best.
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