It Only Takes 5 Seconds...

Indi is a normal 16 year old girl. She loves music and spends most of her day on twitter. She doesn't know what she wants do do when she leaves school, and she has all her family nagging her, trying to get her to make a decision. But when her best friend goes far on X Factor, Indi gets asked to go on tour with her. Will Indi make a decision on what she wants to do after school? Or will she start a new life on the road with her best friend?


1. The Room Audition

*Sasha's POV*

"you were my heaven"

I had just finished my room audition song. I sang 'A Drop In The Ocean' by Ron Pope. I looked at the judges, I was ready for their comments. It was all or nothing. Now or never. My whole life depended on this moment. I needed 4 yeses. I was fuming because they had changed the rules from three yeses to four this year. I was so nervous. No words could describe how I was feeling. The first judge opened their mouth to speak, it was Louis Walsh.


"you have such a good singing voice! I'm so glad you came to audition. I think you'll go far in this competition" 


I smiled.  Before I could say anything, the next judge started to speak. This time it was Sharon Osborne. 


"Darling! You have such a beautiful voice! And you're so young! 16 years of age! It's so hard to believe, you have such a strong voice."


My smile grew wider. But then Gary Barlow started to speak. I tried to keep my cool on, but it was hard, Gary was the one I wanted to please the most. 


"Sasha." He took a deep breath. "You have a lovely voice, but it's too basic. We need someone with the wow-factor. And I don't think that's 'wow' enough for me. " He sighed. "Let's vote."

My heart sunk. I wanted to please Gary the most, and I had failed at doing so. I squeezed closed my eyes for a second, and looked back up at the judges. They were all ready to vote. After a couple of deep breaths, so was I. I nodded, letting them know I was ready.

Louis started off the voting.

"I think you've got potential. It's a yes from me."

Then it was Nicole.

"Honey, it's a yes from me too!"

Next up was Sharon.

"100% yes!"

Last up was Gary. It was all down to him. How my whole life turned out was down to him. Him and his one word answer would either change everything for the better, or for the worse. I waited for his answer. Those 5 seconds of waiting seemed like forever. You could hear a pin drop in the silence. 

He opened his mouth to speak.

I crossed my fingers behind my back. All I could do now was hope. 

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