I'll Take You There

Genesis Renner,18, leaves home after having a moment of clarity and being fed up with the life she's living.Feeling alone and misunderstood in a world where she feels like music is her only friend,she meets ,James "Jim,Jimmy" Ayling who's also 18.He shows her that she's not alone and that she has a friend in him.But what will happen between Genesis and James if they fall for eachother?

Find out in....I'll Take You There


1. Meet Genesis Renner



Hey,I'm Genesis Leigh Renner. If you're really wondering,yes Leigh is my middle name.I'm 18 years old and I love music.Music seems to be my only friend..I'm shy sometimes and I usually stay quiet because to be completely honest,I don't really have much to say.No one really talks to me and I don't really talk to anyone..unless,I really have to.I'm also an only child so I guess you can say I'm also a bit of a loner.

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