For You, I'll Be Superhuman

Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn all had traumatic childhood experiences. What happens when they are all connected? They join together to form a crime fighting group, and save many lives and defeat many enemies. But how can they defeat their greatest enemy yet? Will the pressure of love or the need to protect others break them? For these boys, they just want normal lives. But For You, They'll Be Superhuman.

WARNING: Foul Language


14. Chapter 12

“A grande white chocolate mocha espresso, please.” Raquel says. She looks around, checking her watch, waiting for Natalie to get there. It's 1:58, they are meeting at 2:00. She sits in a chair, siping her hot coffee, when Natalie walks in, right at 2 o'clock. She orders her coffee, then joins Raquel at the table. “Have you been here long?” She asks. Raquel shakes her head. “Nah, I got here like 3 minutes ago. You ready to go?” Raquel stands up and she and Natalie walk out together. They take Raquel's car, a shiny, red Volkswagen Beetle. “This is an awfully strange car for a police officer to have.” Natalie comments as she gets in the passenger's seat. “I'm still a 20 year old girl.” Rock says, laughing. “Yeah, I guess so.” Natalie laughs. A small chime goes off from Natalie's bag. She reaches in and pulls out her phone. She smiles and starts texting back. “Who you texting? Is it a boy?” Raquel says,saying the last part in a sing song voice. “Yeah.” Natalie says, blushing. “OOH, is he cute? What's his name?” Raquel says, excitedly. “Harry.” Natalie says, starting to act shy. Raquel is taken aback by this name, trying to figure out why it sounds so familiar. She pulls into a parking lot for a flat building. Grabbing a small notepad out of her bag, Natalie gets out of the car whilst Rock turns it off. “It's floor 4, right?” She asks, holding the door open for Raquel. “Yeah, apartment 6B.” Raquel says, pressing the elevator button. The short elevator ride is silent. As they reach the 4th floor, Raquel feels a jolt of excitement as the elevator doors open. They quietly walk to the door, bearing the number and letter “6B”. Raquel shoots Natalie a smile before knocking on the door. After a few seconds, the door opens and a 20 year old girl is standing in the doorway. “Can I help you?” She asks, leaning against the door frame. “Um, my name is Natalie, and this is Raquel. We, um, wanted to ask you a few questions about something you saw when you were 9 years old.” Marie's eyes widen in realization and she starts to slam the door. Luckily, Raquel sticks her foot between the door and the door frame. “Please, we mean no harm, we just have a few questions.” She says, pushing the door back slightly. “And why should I answer them?! People thought I was crazy! I had to move schools and leave my best friend because of that, and you want me to tell you all about it?!” Marie seems furious, her reddish, brown hair is swaying in its ponytail and her slightly tan skin turns a little red, making her already prevalent freckles stand out more. “Please! This man in black wants me dead, and he wants 5 boys dead!” She said, her voice shaky and scared. Marie lets out a small scream, her face going pale. “5 boys? You never mentioned 5 boys.” Natalie says, her eyebrows furrowing together. Marie steps back from the door, letting Natalie and Raquel in. She leads them to the couch, where they sit. Marie sits across from the couch. “Marie, the story please.” Rockie says. "We were 9, a play date. Parents were outside. We were on the couch when he appeared in front of us. Like out of nowhere appeared. Told my friend to stick a fork in the power outlet by the couch. For some reason, he did. He passed out. I screamed for the parents. The man in black then disappeared. Parents came running in. And my friend was in a coma for 3 days. And I was tested for schizophrenia. End of story.” She sighs. “And his name was Louis, right?” Natalie says, looking at the copy of the article they brought. Raquel freezes. “What happened after this? To him, I mean?” “Uh, nothing, he was fine, yeah.” Marie says, unsteady. But Raquel doesn't hear this. She hears the roar of the fire, and the sound of Liam's voice vibrating in his chest. She was almost quite certain that he had said “Louis”. In a hallway, Louis speaks to Liam. “Do we really have to pester her? I've told you the story! She's my best friend. It's not like she lied to me.” Louis says, shuffling his feet. “Louis, if we want to track down the man in black, she is our best lead!” Liam says. “But what about Raq-” Louis is cut off by a red Liam. “I told you, I don't want to bring her into this. End of conversation.” They finish their walk to Marie's and her boyfriend's shared flat. Louis made sure he wasn't going to be there today. Louis knocks on the door. From inside the flat, all three girls' heads whip toward the door. Marie goes to the door and looks through the peep hole. “Oh, shit.” She says. She opens the door slightly. “Louis, I can't talk right now.” She says, whispering. But Natalie and Raquel heard. “Marie, please.” A familiar voice rings in Raquel's ears. The voice that apologized for not helping when she was attacked in the alley, the voice that quaked with fear when he found her on the floor of a burning office building, the voice that she listened to when she thought she was going to die. “Come in, then.” Marie says, fear evident in her voice. Raquel's eyes watch as the two strangers enter the room. Her eyes meet Liam's brown ones, which widen when they see her. “Hey.” He says. 


Hey, guys! Sorry I haven't been able to post. I've been really busy! I hope you guys enjoy this chappie! Bye! xxBo<3

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