Pretty fighter

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  • Published: 14 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2013
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They don't know what you hide behind your smile.. //Dedicated to my best friend. She knows who she is.


1. Pretty fighter

Pretty darling,

take my hand,

I am reaching out for you,

we're not far from land,

together we can make it through.


Pretty baby, 

wipe away your tears,

you will soon see the light,

hide away those fears,

there is no darkness in sight.


Pretty honey,

I know life seems long,

but at one point you will see,

life is nothing but a song,

that at last will set you free.


Pretty friend,

you are not a caged bird,

you can spread your wings wide,

let the wind flirt,

show them how to fly.


Pretty fighter,

smile wide and bright,

show them what you deserve from life.

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