My Big Brother's a Superstar (a Niall Horan fan-fic)

My mom just got married. I knew Bobby had two sons, I met Greg, but Bobby said that he had a son that was away. Imagine my great surprise when I found out my new big brother was a superstar. A superstar named Naill Horan.


1. Prologue: The Wedding

By now Greg and I have become used to being siblings now. And I've met Denise, Greg's wife, and his little son, Theo. I'm on my way to the wedding. I heard I would get to meet my other stepbrother. I'm pretty excited. I'm wearing a light pink dress and black high heels. Right now, I'm carpooling with my mom. And I'm not one for talking before big events. I'm glad my mom new that. I stayed quiet until we got there. I was glad when I wasn't my mom's first maid. I was one of her brides maid. Im so glad. When I got there, I took my place and waited for the wedding to start. I stared on the crowd, intently watching for my other stepbrother.  I heard he has blonde hair and blue eyes. So I waited and watched for him. 

After the wedding I asked Denise where he was.

"I don't know where Niall is." She answered.

That name sounds familiar,  I thought. I wonder who he could be. Just then a dude with a hoodie on walked over to the table I was sitting at.

"I heard you are supposed to be my stepsister. " he said, lowering his hoodie. Then I recognized him.

"Great. My brother's a superstar. " I said, rolling my eyes.

"Correction: stepbrother.  And I like the sound to that." He said smiling.

"I hope this isn't going to be the worst day ever. " I said, sighing. My life just had a big change. 

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