Are you sure you still wanna live?

Three kids are going to a haunted castle. Angela is a very smart girl, which knows everything about the paranormal. Matt- her older brother is a guitar genius. He loves reading Angela's diaries and also playing music. A typical teen. And the last kid Dominic. He's Angela and Matt's bestfriend. He's always there to help them.. They know each other from little kids and there is something more than just 'friendly feels' between Dom and Angela. Will their love continue, will they get out of the castle alive? Read and you'll see! Hope you'll like it.. It's my first fiction I write soooo.. :)


1. Everything went wrong

Again.. It's a new day... The whole nature is preparing for a new start... Everyone. My whole entire family... My mother, father and brother... They're all happy about today. You'll probably ask why, today is a special day. We're going to our family holiday. I know.. I must be happy and excited, but no. It's 05:43 in the morning and I'm sitting in front of my window... Watching the sun rising... I usually get up before everyone. Just to enjoy this beautiful scene. The new life of a day.
    My family. Erica Scott or also known as my mom. She's 34 year old woman, with brown hair, always tied in a ponytail, beautiful green eyes and a cheerful smile. She's the one person I can say everything to. My mother is a lawyer. Very strict woman. 
    Dad or Josh Scott. Brown, almost black hair, blue eyes and a strict look. No wonder why.. He's working for a big company. It's his own architecture company.. Always working. Almost no time for us. Me, mom and my bigger brother. His name is Matthew. Dark hair, blue eyes and amazing smile! He's 1 year older than me. Matt can make everyone laugh or cry, or even to admire him! My bigger bro is God with the guitar. He wants to be a musican one day...
    And here's me... Angela Scott. I'm 16 year old girl with blonde hair, brown eyes and awkward personality. I'm not like the other teens on my age.. I don't like parties, boys and everything else you can imagine... I love music. I'm actually good playing piano... Writing music and I also read books. Fantasies or something about mythical monsters! I know almost everything about vampires, warewolfs, mummies, aliens and etc. 
I have two best friends. Dominic and Jessica. Dom has got blonde hair and blue eyes... Taller than me.. I think everybody are taller than me. 
Jessica, also known as Jess or my 'unbiological sister'. She's everything for me. I can tell her whatever I want, like mom. But younger, better looking (nothing personal..) and a bit different from me. But ya know.. Opposites attract eachother. 
    So as you already know today is the day of our leaving. We're going to a village in north Bavaria, Germany. We're gonna be near by the castle Neuschwanstein. I've heard a lot of stories of it and I want to see are they true or just stupid tales... I went to my suitcase to check are all my clothes, books and diaries in. You'll probably laugh at this with the diaries but I have an explanation. I write selected quotes or experiences wherever I've been. I have two of'em. Matt reads the things I write in them. He likes mythical things too. But my mom and dad think that these are just stupid old wives' tales... As you already know.. They're both very strict and expect of us to be more focused on more important things in life. 
    However... I heard someone knocking on my bedroom door. "Come in!"- I said with a smile on my lips. Almost invincible... It was Matt. He came in as quiet as he can. I was surpised. He never gets up that early. Only when there's something very important or can't sleep. "Hey, Angela. I couldn't sleep all night.. Probably from the full moon."- Matt whispered, while sitting on my bed. He giggled a bit and a smiled fakely. I went next to him and asked- "Dom will come with us too, right?". He nodded his head in to say 'yes'. He moved his look to my bags and then giggle nervously- "We're gonna be there only for 2 weeks, not two months, sis.". I laughed quietly and pushed him a bit with my elbow. Actually we decied to take a few friends with us.. And "in a few" I meant Dominic. My mom and dad really liked him, but we both don't know why. They probably find something unique in him. 
    Two hours past. Me and Matt were laying on my bed and talking about the castle. He wanted to make a tour in it, so do I. That's the only thing for which I'm excited. Nothing else. We both yelled to go in Scotland, but our dad said that we were there before 2 years and there's no need to go there again. Now we're both with rotten mood, but trying to act like we can't wait to go in Bavaria. Minutes after I heard someone knocking on my door. "Oh, you're both awakened. C'mon Dominic is down. You can go with him while me and your dad getting the bags in the car."- our mom said, cheerful with a smile. A huge grin filled my face. I ran downstairs and hugged the blonde boy. I could feel his warmth and the perfume he uses. My dad was watching at me serious and then we broke the hug. Dom was almost excited as my mom. She planned this holiday from 3 months. After that Matt went downstairs too. They made their 'greeting'  sign with hands... Ughh, boys things. After few minutes mom shouted from outside to get out. We're leaving. Finally. "Okay now. Angela, Dom and Matt you're at the back seats."- dad said. We nodded our heads and went in the car, so did my mom and dad. Of course they brought Marriah Kelly's albums and also Elton John's. Me and Matt rolled eyes and Dom giggled. "Okay kids, prepare for a very long ride."- mom said. Long ride, uh.. For our mom a long ride means 12 hours. Yep. 12 HOURS OF ELTON JOHN AND MARRIAH KELLY'S VOICES! 
                    THE NEXT DAY
    "Wake up, sleepy heads!"- dad whispered at us. We fell asleep. And you can't judge us. 12 hours of boredom. We woke up very hard and went out of the car. The sun's shining in my eyes. I squeezed  and immediately rubbed them. Matt yawned and then Dom said- "Whoa.. This place is awesome!". I smiled and we went in the house. It was huge. I started exploring it with my eyes, but I still couldn't see everything. "I may lost in here."- Matt whispered and went upstairs with his bags. I went in the living room and sat on the couch. My fingers ran over the soft fabric. Dom sat on armchair and rest his head on the back of it. "NO WAY!"- we both heard a voice from upstairs. Me and Dominic looked at eachother frightened and ran to him. He was standing infront of a big plasma TV, looking at it with wide open eyes. It was unbelievably big! "Okay, now that is my room!"- the dark haired boy said, while laughing. I smiled and Dom too. I chose the room next to his and Dom the room next to mine. Actually I was in the middle. Again.  My room looked very cozy and quiet. AWESOME! I liked it. I had TV, two big wardrobes, many paintings and windows. I sat in front of the window's sill. My view was very beautiful. I could see the castle. It looked very tiny from here, but all these trees and the small hills were just unique. I can't even explain it.. You should be here to see it and enjoy it. I was so enchanted by the buty of the nature, that I didn't notice that Dom was there. I jumped a little and he giggled- "Am I that scary?"- he asked. I smiled and shook my head. We talked about the house, about the castle and everything. I literally fell in love with the place. My expectations were for an old village, sank into dust and little bugs crawling around. I'm really impressed. We were standing, facing eachother and just saying nothing. Silent. Then I heard someone knocking on the door. "Ohh, am I interrupting something, or.."- my mother asked. We shook our heads and then she continued- "Okay, um.. We're going for a walk in the forest, so.". Me and Dom smiled at my mom and he said- "Alright.. I'll go in my room and prepare.". He went out and mom winked at me. I looked at her confused and then got up, went downstairs where Matt was drinking water and dad getting the bags for our trip ready. The time was 09:15 in the morning. Great time to go out in the nature. Sun, warm weather and the beautiful full of unpredictable things, Mother Nature. When mom and Dominic, joined us, we went out. Mom locked the house and we started to walk. Of course dad's in front of all with mom and us- the kids, following them. "Alright, then. We're here and we have to go there... Uhm.. So... We'll just follow the red line , okay?"- our 'leader' said, while holding the map. Actually I'm almost 100 % sure, that he has no idea where are we going, but mom won't ruin dad's confidence or either I. Matt and Dom were giggling so I pushed them a bit to stop, because my parents would ask why are they laughing and their best explenation is one stupid joke begins with "Knock, knock! Who's there..." and so on. They both stopped at the moment and mom got the map off of dad's hands. I'm sure she'll be a better guid. 
    After 20 minutes of walking in a circle Matt finally asked- "Parents! We're passing by this tree for a fifth time today! Face it, we're lost. Let's just get back in the house and watch TV or something. Please?". Our hero, Hallelujah someone said it! That's the thing that me and Dom couldn't utter in a long time. Then dad and mom turned to us and answered- "Kids! Stop yelling! We're in the home of the mother nature! We won't come back before 3 o'clock! It's a beautiful day, Matt you won't spend it watching TV or playing video games." Who do you think said it? Moooom. Of course. Who else? If it was to dad, he would probably stay at home and watch football and drinking beer all day. "Why not. Mommy I must play 'Guitar hero' everyday if I wanna beat Jack! I can't miss a day! I'm sure I got my guitar in the suit case!"- Matt justified. The young woman looked sarcastic at him. Oh, no. That' was a sute sign for something really bad coming. "No, no, no, no, no! You didn't!! No... MOM!"- my bro yelled at her. She just shrugged her shoulders and said that this wasn't her fault. Mom, we all know it's yours.. Don't try to deny it. Great.. She hit the jackpot. Now Matthew won't stop frown. I understand, this is very important to him, and mom midly said ruined everything... Oh well. 
    It's 17:56 pm. Nothing interesting as usual. I'm drying my hair after I got shower and reading a book in my room. After few seconds later I heard something like foot steps on the wood floor. I turned my face to see who's walking but I didn't see anything. I was confused. I swear I could hear them very clearly. But no one was there. I was alone in the room, the door was closed too so... Anyway I didn't pay much attention at this. Probably Matt and Dom are making stupid but very clever jokes. They are experts! However... I got tired of reading and  started to polish my nails. I loved doing my nails. I may sound boring, but sometimes I can act like a total girl! When I finished I decided to go in the living room. My mom was making milk shakes and dad preparing his fishing pole. I looked around and asked confused- "Where are Matt and Dom?". Mom smiled at me and said that they're both outside. I nodded my head and walked to the door. Our backyard was filled with foliage and woods. At that moment a very slight but very cold wind, toched my skin. My almost bare legs twitched a bit and I crossed my hands infront of my chest. But how? The sun was still shining... I looked around and then I saw a shadow. Actually it was a shadow of a little girl. Probably 5-6 year old child, with straight hair and a short dress, but I couldn't see anything else. When I looked at her, she just disappeared. I don't know how. I went to the place where I saw her. It was right next to one big tree and an ax near to it. It wasn't too long, before I felt the wind. The same sickening wind... This time I heard a whisper with it. It said- "Play with me.". Ok, this time, I got really scared. I ran to the boys. They were playing football and when I arrived they both stopped. "Angela, what's going on? Are you alright?"- Dominic asked me. I was too breathless to answer. I couldn't catch my breath. I was running as fast as I can and this exhausted me. They both looked at eachother terrified. "Sis, what happened? What's wrong?"- Matthew asked me. I sat on the ground and buried my face in my hands. God, I can't believe what happened. After few minutes of heavy breathing I finally found strength to tell them what happened. While I was speaking I could see how their faces from worried, got surpirsed. Matt's eyes got wide open, also Dom's. "We should tell mom, 'bout this!"- Matt said. I looked at him shocked and then answered whispering- "No! No, no, no! They mustn't know about this, okay? This will be out little secret. No one will know about this, except us!". They nodded their heads in to say 'okay'. I know I can trust them and if they say that they won't tell anybody, well I'm sure Matt and Dom won't do this. Actually, that was one of the creepiest experience I've ever had. I hope this won't happen again...
                                  3 DAYS LATER
    We're now getting ready to go in the castle Neuschwanstein! Our most desired destination! Well, atleast mine and the boys. Mom and dad probably won't like it, because the tour guid is going to tell us about the castle and all the ghosts in it. Matt is reading my diaries again so is Dom. "Thye're pretty good. Hope something interesting will happen, right Angela?"- Matthew asked me excited. I smiled and answered cheerfuly. Well, I'm a bit scared after the incident with the girl, so... You may imagine how I'm feeling right now. My heart is beating faster than usual, my hands are sweating and my tummy hurts. This always happens when I'm nervous. 
    Few minutes later dad shouted from outside to get in the car. We all got in and mom locked the door. Finally we drove away, but just before leaving the house, Dom poked me. He pointed at the window of my room. My window was steamy and it was writing something on it- 'Have a nice trip. I'll wait you here.'  and a handprint on it. I bit my lips and looked at the blonde boy scared. He hugged me a bit and whispered- "It's okay. Everything will be fine. This thing is just playing with you. Trying to terrifie you." Then I looked behind us and answered, whispering- "It's doing it.". Matt didn't notice because he was reading the diaries. What am I gonna do now?! This creature is gonna follow me everywhere, till I give up! I'm not sure I would sleep tonight. 
    "And we're here!"- mom said with a smile. The castle was huge! Me, Matt and Dom couldn't bealive what we're seeing. It was even better live! A massive gate, a draw bridge and a lot of towers. The tour guid went closer to us and said- "Welcome to Neuschwanstein's castle! I'm Lisa, your tour guide. You'll have wonderful time here. You'll see many pictures of kings and a lot of other things. But just a warning... Never seperate from me, okay?". Me, Dom and Matt looked at each other and I asked confused- "Um.. Why?". The brunette turned to me, a huge grin filled her face and then after few minutes of thinking how to answered, said- "Well... Erm.. The castle is very big. You may lost.". I nodded my head. I knew that this is not the real reason. I've heard a lot of stories about this place. Killed people. Brutally murdered. Some of them hanged or stretched on trees... Awful death. One of the many legends says that if the queen of the Kingdom returns, all of the native population will be murdered by her power. 
    We went in. In the Throne Room. There was a huge throne made of probably pure gold and a lot of gems- rubies, diamonds, opals, pearls and so on. The crown of the last King was standing in a beutiful glass box, right next to the scepter. I can't descirbe it just in words! You have to be here to see it with your own eyes! It's a magical place. "(...) and so on! But you must know that you shouldn't stay here after 20:00! Right then, it is considered that the spirit of the last King, awakens from his sleep. And if there's people here.. Well... They never come back again. Researchers can't find their bodies or they find them. But already death."- Lisa continued. These were the words I payed most attention. 'So the legends are real!'- I thought. My mom looked at the other woman with suspiciousness and we continued our tour. "Angela! It's writing it here. You described the same thing as she said, but with more details! I can't bealive! Can this be true?"- Matthew asked me excited. Before I could say something, I felt the he's a bit worried when saying this. I smiled at him and pulled Dominic to join us. Then I whispered- "Okay. Listen to me. Mom and dad will want to stay here after 20:00, because tonight will be the night of the shooting stars so..."- then I continued telling them my plan to get in the castle. After I finished Matthew looked at me and said- "Are you crazy?! Did you hear her? They never seen the people in the castle after 20:00 again! You want to die?!"-a bit louder. Me and Dom asked him to talk a bit quieter! Someone could hear us, and ruin the plan. We both tried to calm him down, because he's gonna be with us. And if we die, will die together. Like a team! "If we die?! Angela, I'm your brother! Bigger than you and I must say that you're totally crazy!"- the brunette said again. I rolled my eyes and then Dom whispered- "If you're scared, we're going both! I'm curious too! I want to get in the castle, so wants Angela! Matt, dude c'mon! We won't let you! Please come with us!". I think that was really inspirating speach! After few minutes of thinking Matt finally agreed! I was really happy. I hugged him, so did he. Now we only needed to wait till 20:00 and find a way to not see us! That was the hard part... Oh, well.. We have a lot of time to think! 
    After few hours the time was 17:56 and dad asked the tour guid- "Can we stay here for the shooting stars or..". She smiled and then answer cheerfuly- "Oh, of course you can! Many people are gonna come here to see the shooting stars. Actually here is one of the best views!". I smirked and looked at Matt. He rolled his eyes and pulled me with him- "Are you sure about this?"- the brunette whispred. I nodded my head. After that Dominic came with our drinks. We sat on the grass away from my parents. Dom sat next to me and Matt on my other side. 
"It's time!"- I whispered to Dom and Matt and then went closer to my mom. I told her that I need to go to the toilet. She approved and smiled at me. I winked at them and then went in the toilet. I locked the door and looked around. After that I crawled to the window and waved to the boys. They ran right under the window, to help me. I couldn't escape without help because it was too high. Matt spreaded his arms and I wrapped my hands around his neck and he pulled me out. We looked from side to side just to be sure no one saw us. After that we ran to the lowest window of the castle. We were in.
    I don't know where were we. I think this was the dinning room or the ballroom, but it was more like the second one because it was huge! Many protrets were hanged on the walls.. Pictures of the Kings, of dancing people and many other. From the ceiling were hanging three big lampions. Probably made from diamonds or some other gems. Also 20 or more big windows and one door which was guiding to the balcony. We separated and looked over the room. "Wow.. I can make my own little concert here.."- Matt said whispering. Me and Dom giggled and then we all decided to see the whole castle..
    Princess Juana's room. Huge place with big windows, one bed covered with beautiful red silk blanket, three fluffy pillows and a drawer. A total girl room, but in a vintage style.. I ran my fingers through the soft blanket- "Ouch!"- I gasped. My finger was bleeding! But how?! I looked under the covers but there was nothing like a needle or something sharp to cut me. "Wow.. How did this happen?"- Matt asked me surpised, while looking at my fingers. "I have no idea."- I said. Dominic ran his fingers through the covers too, but he didn't cut. How? Im sure there was something, but i don't know what.. Well, that was strange.
    Actually that was the most exicting thing in the castle. When my fingers bleed, that was all. Nothing strange. Any noises, sounds, steps or anything. We were in the same room as in the beggining and the window was still open. Dominic pulled his head back and said tiredly- "Okay let's get out of here. Anyway it was boring.". Me and Matt agreed and then we heard the cracking sound of an closing window. We all looked to it, and it was actaully closed. 'Probably the wind'- I thought and then went closer to another window which shut itselfs again! And after that the other 18 too! Now I'm terrifided. "Woah.. What the fuck, did just happen.."- Matt asked. We were standing still.. How could we move in a situation like this?! We all looked around the only escape was the door, which was guiding to the other room. We ran to it, because we had no choice, but then.. The gramophone suddenly turned on! I screamed whe  the lights started to turn off and on too! What the hell was happening?! Dominic came and huged me from behind, while Matt was trying to stop the lights, but they were just continueing to blink! 
    After few minutes they stoped. I was still in Dom's arms. My head was buried in his shoulder and tears were steaming down my face. Matthew stayed still and then he whispered- "It stopped.". He came closer to us and squatted next to me while he was stroking my hair- "Sis, evrything is alright! Everything is okay. I'm here.". When Dominic started to go up I cought his shoulders and pulled him closer to me, while whispering- "Dom, please. Don't go. Please stay here.". He looked at me confused, but his cold blue eyes were now warm and loving. Matt and Dom looked at each other, when my brother shrugged his arms. The corners of Dom's mouth formed a little, almost visible smile and hugged me again. 
    When I was feeling better I got up, with me the blonde boy too, and I finally asked- "What is the time?". Matthew looked at his watch and answered, while his head was down- "20:02. So, I guess.. Let the fuckin game begin!". I cupped my face in my hands and brushed my tears- "We must get out of here. I don't know how, but we must! And most important- we must get out of here, alive!".

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