The Fallen Angel

There was a fallen angel sent to a mission to protect Charlotte and that dark angel was named Tyler


1. The Handsome Stranger



I was walking with my friends Jade and Kaith, which are twins . They have this brown hair and green eyes, while i have a reddish pink hair highlighted with red at the curly tips of my hair. I have amber colored eyes and rosy cheeks ,i'm basically carrying 5 books. It was only 3 in the afternoon when we suddenly planned to go to this new cafe called LVM and meet there . When suddenly Jade felt a severe headache and wanted to go home as possible , i said that it was okay . So i was left alone sitting on a table nobody beside me .


Everytime someone would look at me i would just stare away from him(her) and just look outside as if i didn't notice him (her ) looking at me, i just finished my frappe and started walking outside , and i have this bad feeling like , an accident is going to happen a minute or two. So i started staring at the cars . When suddenly i bumped to someone and he was wearing a hoodie and he wasn't even looking at where he is going . All the books fell so i picked it up before i embarrass myself. He was going to get the book about science so i picked it up, but at the last minute he was thinking of getting that book also.


It ended up, his hand was on top of mine , i glared at him and gave him a blush and looked away, suddenly he glared back at me as if he was looking if he knows me. i apologized to him , " i-i-i-iim sorry for bumping into you i wasn't looking where i was going ," i bowed as a sign of respect .


Tyler :


I was sent on a mission by my father ( The King of the fallen angels ) to find this girl named Charlotte and to protect her against the demons and the angels , but since the fallen angels are half demon and half angel . I guess the fallen angels are not teaming with one or any of them . Father said that i should look like a human so i said i would just wear a black hoodie and wear bloody red pants . Father also said if i fail him , he wouldn't let me go back to the Fallen Castle. Im basically the prince of the fallen angels.  He gave me some information about Charlotte [ has reddish pink hair , highlighted with red at the tips, and has amber eyes ].


I can't fail my father , this is the first time he relied on me. Most of the missions are always given to my sister , everybody says she's smarter and wiser than me, but today , today is going to be different i will prove once and for all that im better than my stinking old sister. and i have the right to rule the kingdom instead of her.


I was sent to the human world , i was sent on a country called new york and after a couple of minutes i bumped into this girl ,she was holding 5 books all of them fell when she fell.  I helped her pick up her book when suddenly it became a little weird when i touched her hand. She glared at me , i saw her beautiful amber colored eyes . I remembered that Charlotte has amber eyes and reddish pink hair. I quickly checked if she has the red highlights . then she was . Just to make sure i introduced myself to her ," I'm Tyler  a 16 year old guy and what is your name beautiful lady," i gave her a rose to show my affection and respect to her.


She blushed and introduced herself she chocked on her words ," i-i-i-i-i-i am C-Charlotte nice to meet you Tyler ." I saw her books she's going to school at St. Benedicks school , so i registered to that school as early as possible, the registrar said that i can start going to school tomorrow , luckily i was registered to the classroom where Charlotte is. I Luckily managed to hind my dark wings from everyone.


Luckily Father prepared for my journey to the human world. He managed to have a mansion just for me and no one else .




My heart beats fast after i met him, his name was Tyler i will never for get his name and his face, That red hair highlighted with black at the end of his hair and those different pattern eyes left amber and his right eye has a scar and black eye color in his right. He is so handsome i bet he already has a girlfriend, i mean in this world a handsome guy will get a girlfriend easily for they only judge for the looks and not by their habits .


After i was done talking to him i just left and went home, i can't stop thinking about him. he's just like prince charming brought back for real. Enough of that. I must study for the recitation of the history class or else i would fail and humiliate myself infront of the new students and my old buddies for the 1st year . Before i could study i looked at myself infront of the mirror at the bathroom and tried to inspire my self, " Study first before love life." " If you truly want success , God knows that you will do everything just to achieve it and i want to finish highschool." i just did that and just went to my room and lay on the bed and study.

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