Don't Cry

Louis has always been the bad boy. The one with no emotion, but when it comes to love, a whole new side to Louis is proved to be there!

But what if he falls for the wrong one...


1. Bad day

Louis walked past me at lunch, giving me the evils. I just smiled, and waited till he was out of sight till I ran to the girls' room and cried. I do this everyday. No one likes me, and to be honest I don't like me either.


''Natalie?'' Someone called my name, causing my head to jerk up to see who it is. Oh, no. It's Lauren. She is the most popular girl in school, and she hates me so much. When she saw my face, she burst into fits of laughter, allowing the girls behind her to join in. I heard a flash and noticed my face will be all over the web soon. Another tear escaped my eye, which just gives all these girls another excuse to laugh even more.

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