the false paparazzi

Tamysera and her friends ran away from home and escaped to Hollywood but her parents sent a search party so in order to get close to her favorite celebs and avoid the search party Tamysera and her friends Anneline, Juss and Misty disguised themselves as paparazzi.


1. The Action At Home

Tamysera ,an average 14-year-old girl who lives in a house 65km away from Hollywood, was doodling on her homework while listening to the radio. Her mom called "Amy are you done with your homework" " almost mom " she replied drawing the hair of her in Harry Styles' arms. One Direction I Tamysera or Amy's favorite boy band (obviously). Liam Payne ,Amy's wiener dog, came in room and barked at the sound of the radio. "Just because you are named after a singer you don't have to sing you annoying dog" Amy said, then Liam Payne jumped on Amy's desk ,took her homework and ran downstairs. "LIAM PAYNE!!" Amy shouted, soon her mom came up to her room holding her homework and turning off the radio "so this is your math homework" her mom scolded "you and Perry Kyle!" wanting to comment Amy stayed quiet. "Luckily I have the format emailed by your teacher" then Amy's mom went to print a copy. Amy's mom threw the doodled homework in a bin along with history homework with Amy and Niall Horan kissing, Physics homework with Amy with Louis Tomenson at sunset and English homeworkAmy letting her hair down a tower for Zayn Malik to climb. *GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT OF MY HEAD* Amy's cellphone rang and when she answered it she heard the loudest scream in her childhood made by her friend Juss.

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