The Prison

My name is Chloe and I'm surviving a uh zombie Appocolypse. I'm with my sister
and to be honest we HAD everything ,the house,the money, their perfect skinny weak structures
, the family, the sercurity. Then everything happens and now We have nothing. No family or order
in the world.

Come Survive The Choas in The Fan-Fic Book : The Prison


1. Before


    1 year ago:


           Screaming all I hear is screaming. The guards are outside protecting the property or trying to. Me, my name Chloe most people call me Chlo. I grew up in Atlanta, Gerorgia and moved a little ways to a town called , Savanah or wait city. I can't think straight staring at the guards fighting those Thingss. I........ Back to me right um my mom and dad got killed by those things. We live in a BIG tan colored house. The driveway is huge and the backyard has a bug oak with a redwood colored treehouse. The yard is HUGE with a swing set and a in-the-ground pool. I'm currently 13 and I have blonde hair,brown eyes, HUGE lashes,and a small skinny structure. The inside of the house is gorgeous with a very Huge kitchen to a BIG nice living room. I was brought back to reality by a scream. MY SISTER!!!!!!!! I sprinted down the hall through the door only to find her not there. Then something came up behind me. "AAAAAAHHHHH" I screamed. Someone came and took it off if me. BOOM a guard shot it. He looked at me and asked, "Are You ok?"  "Yeah, but my sister ..." I began but he interrupted . "She's on the plane. I came to get you.We have to go NOW the place will be overrun in minutes with uh those things." I was in shock a plane? "Ok, but wait ." I looked around the room. I found my sisters purple ballet bag. I snatched it up and started for her drawers to get clothes. I tried to work as fast as I could. I paused when I saw my moms old necklace on the dresser I got it and put it in the bag. I was surprised my sister got my moms old necklace from her dead body. I 






































































































signaled for him to go to my room he ran and I followed as we went to my room I went to my

desk I briefly looked out the window. Everything was complete Choas . Those Things were 

everywhere. A thing came up behind the guard ," HURRY!" He yelled as he shot it. I grabbed my

dance bag I wasn't a big ballet person but I still took it. I grabbed clothes and my most valuable

possession . My mom and my dad gave me a very pretty emerald ring shaped in an infinity sign

. I loved my ring, I put it on and got some tennis shoes on and turned to the guard. "I'm ready."

I said firmly. "Let's Go then." He turned around and gestured for me to follow.



























We made our way though the door I carried both of the bags one around my shoulder the other in my hand. As we went down the stairwell I looked out the screen door. It was closed with the glass door behind it. The doors were a weird design cause usually.............. BOOM. A huge explosion engulfed the front yard in flames. My ears rung I wasn't walking straight. "Ahahahah","Ahhhhahhhhhh","Ahahahaaahhh." I stoped a HUGE group if the things blocked her  exit. The guard started shooting but it was no use there was at least fifty already pushing them back upstairs. I looked outside somewhere out there the plane was impatiently waiting for them. THINK I told myself get us out of here. I GOT IT!!! There was a balcony in the guest bedroom wich was just upstairs down the hall. They could jump the balcony onto the trampoline below the balcony. Then they could work their way through the backyard to the front and board the plane assuming it was still there. NO I thought it is you just got to get to it. I started to point in the direction,"upstairs I know a way out." The guard looked in the direction he looked back at the crowd that was growing. He took a couple of shots before replying. "Go HURRY I'll catch up 

". For a second I was like ok but just I was gonna turn around to argue with him. He was overrun and torn to pieces before my eyes. "NOOOO!" Someone screamed then I realized it was me another person dead. I SHOULD just stop and give up it's no use what happens if I run into some? I slowly began to give up then I thought, he DID NOT die for nothing I ran upstairs and went to the bedroom I slammed the door closed I threw the bags out the window then grabbed a nearby screwdriver from a drawer. I clutched the screwdriver as I free-fell. I hit the trampoline a lot harder than I thought. I gathered myself and got off the trampoline. I ran for the backyard gate. Then I had a confrontation with a thing,"CRAP!!" Couldn't just one thing go right? I lunged for it and stabbed it in the head it fell to its knees. "YESS!!"I whispered I jump and kicked at the same time. I realized that was probably lucky. I got to the front yard and another one came for me but this on was  HUGE. It tackled me. We scrambled on the grass it was over I had thought. It was trying to eat me thrusting its jaw. I lifted my arm in effort to go all ninja on it again. Man was I wrong it thrusted me down hard and my vision was blurry. 












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