I'm sorry, or am I?

A girl who gets abused by her dad,
a boy who's in love with someone he shouldn't be in love with,
a girl who cheats, lies and tricks innocent guys,
and a story which has never been told before...
But what happens when a girl says these two words TOO much?
These two words which are...
I'm Sorry!


1. Youre Trusted, Dont blow it.

Megan's POV


''Hey babe.'' Liam chirped from behind. Urghh, I hate him. But I date him anyway because I need fame. I must say his fame is doing me good. I turned around and faked a smile, pecking him on the cheek. I have to break his heart soon, or things will get ugly.


Liam's POV


She pecked me on the cheek, sending me chills down my spine. I loved her, but something doesn't seen right. Like she's not really completing me. I don't know what bit is about her, but she just acts all weird. All the lads think so too.


Kaylee's POV


I was walking down the road to the shop when I heard screams. There was a group of girls standing around the shop I was going to enter. I push past all of them, grunting the whole way.


Stupid girls.


When I'm near the front I notice what they're fussing about. One Direction were all standing in the shop paying at the till. I sighed and pushed in, ignoring all the fans. My eyes rolled and I picked up a rainbow pencil, and went to pay.


I noticed a few people stare at me, but I ignored them. I gave the man behind the till his money and left. But before I was completely out of the door, I noticed Liam Payne staring at me. I smiled at him and left the shop, in hope of getting away from those crazy animals.


Fans these day!


I rolled my eyes and unlocked my front door, diving in. The walls blocked the screams, but my ears were still ringing.


Liam's POV


When the girl walked out, someone nudged me.


''Mate, you've got a girlfriend.'' Harry's voice booms, causing me to come back to reality. I know I have a GF but that girl had something about her that made me smile.


''Dude, you can't.'' Louis says directly at me.


''Can't what?'' I ask, frowning.


''You can't love her when you have Megan trusting you like this.''

I shook my head frustrated. Who do they think they are. I sighed  and walked out of the shop, ignoring all the fans asking for photos.

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