Turn Around And Walk Away

There are many things I hate in life, but HIM, he gets way out of control. HE is Zayn Malik. My worst enemy from school, but when we start the new year, something comes along and surprises.Bad. But does it make me change my mind about Zayn?


1. This is me

Yasmin's POV


Hi, I'm Yasmin Harrods. I'm 18 and single. And as you probably guessed, I am THE least popular kid in my school. Cause THE most popular kid is the one and only...Zayn Malik. He is the one who I hate most in this world. It's obvious that he hates me too, though. But I really don't care. I think? Anyway, the good thing about this week is that there is no school. We have the half term, see? But the bad thing is that it's gonna start next week. Meaning I have to face: nasty comments, cruel teachers, impossible homework, no friends, bullies, but worst of all, Zayn and his little group of worshipers.


"Yasmin, come down here, darling. It's time for dinner." My mum shouted up the stairs. I sighed and ran down, in my new pj's. I love pj's, their so comfy, I never actually change out of them. I don't need to, no one ever comes round to see me.


''Hi mum.'' I said, pecking her cheek. She smiled down at me and ruffled my hair.

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