On her wedding day, Ella couldn't have wished for more. She had everything, a prince, a palace, jewels and riches beyond imagination. But a hole fills her heart, yet she doesn't quite know why. On the other hand, Snow White is trapped in a loveless marriage with her supposed 'prince charming.' Meanwhile, Lady Tremaine, Ella's evil step-mother, still holds a heart full of hatred for her step-daughter. So when Lady Tremaine decides to call up some family to help brew up a spell for revenge, will all of the fairytale characters happy endings be in jeopardy?


1. A Wedding- Cinderella

Cinderella stood and stared at the utterly white figure in the mirror (although she thought that she resembled the abominable snow monster more than anything.) Her dress flowed in ivory ripples to the floor with individual pearls sewn on to the gown in every corner; her train was draped across her face as she studied the intricate flower patterns on it, marveling at the acute detail on every design. Ella wore stunning diamond studs that glittered in the sun, making rays of light spurt out all over the room, just like the sapphire choker did that she wore around her neck. It was her wedding day and she was beyond beautiful, her golden ringlets fashioned flawlessly around her, the slightest bit of make up applied carefully onto her fair face... But as Ella looked in the mirror, she couldn't help but feel an impending sadness that hung on her shoulders.

Prince Charming had been one of her closest child-hood friends whom she had known even before her mother had died. He was kind, caring and extremely lovable but, sadly, Ella didn't love him in that way. Char had always felt more like a brother to her, not a lover. They had played many games together as children, her father was a well respected man at court and many times Char had come over to her small, but rich home to visit her. They had played knights and princesses, hide and seek, mud wars (which always ended with them being yanked up by their collars and scolded terribly at.) She loved Char in so many ways, but alas, the only person Ella wanted to marry was a stable boy and according to Char's father, King Phillip, that was off limits. 

She collapsed to the ground and put her head in her hands, making her dress protest loudly as it wrinkled and creased in all the wrong places.

"I was looking for Edward, that night at the ball, never Prince Charming!" She cried pitilessly aloud.

Edward was the royal stable boy who cared after the King's horses and he had so happened to have been invited to the ball. He told Ella the news at once and asked if she were to come but she had told him that her step-mother would never let her go to the royal ball. That night, though, as she scrubbed the floor, a fairy god-mother had appeared and to her great luck, she had been granted a wish. The whole idea was for her was to have a night with Edward, to dance with him and just be together. She never wanted to be the one that King Phillip picked to marry his son. But, unfortunately, she was apparently deemed the 'fairest of them all' and when this was announced, she ran. She had given Edward one last kiss before she tore out the palace doors at the strike of midnight. Ella had always been good at running but she thoroughly regretted asking for glass slippers (they were't the easiest or comfiest running attire) so as she raced down the steps, she kicked them off, one shattering and one not. Obviously, she couldn't care less about loosing those shoes in that moment but now, as she was about to wed, she really wished that she had just picked them up. 

Suddenly, the sound of wedding bells filled her ears as they pealed their joyous sounds across the land, but to Ella, an execution signal would've been a happier sound. She glanced at herself in the mirror as she studied her flushed face from the tears she had shed. Despite this, she harshly wiped the sadness from her face and stood up, dusting off her wedding gown.

"Pull yourself together, Ella, at least you're not still scrubbing floors and talking to that dreadful cat, Lucifer." Even though she wasn't marrying the one she loved, she was thankful for every passing moment that she wasn't under the eyes of her step-mother any more. 

The door cracked opened behind her. "Are you ready, m'lady?" A chambermaid asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be. Oh, and please call me Ella, we are all equal here, anyways." Ella replied gently.

The chambermaid blushed. "That's very kind of you, m'lady, but it seems you've got a lot of learnin' to do round her."

"What do you mean?" She enquired as the maid pulled the sash around her dress tighter.

"All I mean is that in palace life, the word equality doesn't exist."

Ella fell silent, she knew all to well about being a maid, being someone looked down upon. Never in her life had she really been the top of the hierarchy and even thinking about it sent little chills up and down her spine. 

The sound of the bells increased immensely as if they were telling her to hurry up. The maid looked hurriedly at the door. 

"We must leave now, I will escort you down the stairs to whoever is giving you away." 

"Oh, nobody is giving me away. I don't have any family left who would be aloud the honor." Ella replied pointedly.

The maid smiled ever so slightly. "I admire your bravery, madame, now, let us depart." 

Ella took the maids arms, trying to balance herself in the over-sized dress. As they rounded the corner, they started making their way down the elaborate stair-case that had flowers twisted all the way up the banister. A golden carpet trailed down the steps that glowed ever so slightly. Making their way down, Ella gazed upon the room, basking in its richness. Diamond chandeliers hung from the arched ceiling and the walls were decorated with only the best and most magical paintings in all the land. The floor was a smooth, tan wood, polished to perfection.

I guess it couldn't be all that bad, marrying a prince... She thought optimistically. If there was one thing that she had learned under the parentage of Lady Tremaine, it was to always look on the bright side of things.

Too soon, the maid let go of her arm. She stood at the entrance of a huge cathedral with huge wooden banisters all arched up to create a beautiful dome roof. Stain glass windows filled the hall, causing colored light to bounce off of the glass pews and the many gems on the dresses of the elaborate court women. Stunning music wafted throughout the church that could only be result of fairy's playing the instruments, for no non-magic melody could ever sound so sweet. 

In the midst of all this grand beauty, Ella suddenly felt very small, insignificant and shy and any courage she had had just flood out of her. She turned around and faced the maid, whom she had begun to like very much. 

"I can't do this, I just can't." She whispered frantically. But instead of the maid telling her that she could call off the wedding (which she longed to hear) the slight woman nudged her forward saying, "You're an inspiration to us all, Cinderella, good luck." She smiled.

And in that moment, Ella knew. If she wasn't marrying the prince for herself, she would marry him for the inspiration of all other maids. She would show them that even a person with a cruel fate could change their destiny, she would show them that their was a princess in all of them. 

Ella's bravery returned as she glided gracefully down the elegant isle as 'Here comes the bride' started to play. She had been coached by a wedding coordinator to keep her head straight and up, but Ella couldn't stop herself from looking at all the people around the room. Brightly dressed courtiers had a watchful eye on her as some of the royal family looked bored. She guessed she couldn't really blame them though, they had probably been to their fair share of weddings in their life. But it wasn't the curious courtiers or the bored family members that caught her eye, somebody much more important stared at her with watery eyes.


Ella's heart constricted as she looked upon his beloved face. His slightly over grown dirty blond hair covered his grey eyes as he stood awkwardly against a wall. Edward had a slight frame and he wasn't particularly muscly, but she didn't mind. In her eyes, he was beyond perfect, beyond what any royal prince could ever be. Even though she had looked at him many times, it still shocked her to see him there. He was one of Prince Char's close friends, after all, so she should've expected to see him, but still. 

Eventually, she couldn't take it anymore. She turned away and looked to her far (far) right, only to be confronted by a sight worse than Edward. 

Her step-mother, Lady Tremaine.

Many nights Ella had nightmares about her wicked step-mother, about her whipping her, about her locking her up in a cage. Lady Tremaine had caused Ella much pain and now as she looked upon the evil wedding guest, she felt a little light headed. 

Lady Tremaine had a look of true loathing marked across her face as her green pendant glinted evilly in the light. Her scarlet, floor length gown looked as though it was made of blood and her grey hair was pulled into a tight bun. As Ella peered behind her, she even saw her two step-sisters, Drizella and Anastasia. Drizella's greedy face was all to familiar as Ella's heart filled with hatred, however, her hatred died down a bit when she thought of her now kind (but stupid) step-sister Anastasia. Ana had recently fallen in love with the baker boy and when Lady Tremaine heard of this, she demanded Ana to never see him again. Ella's step-sister had finally seen how cruel her mother was and went straight to Ella and apologized for the many years of misery they had caused her. Ever since then, Ana and Ella had gotten along quite well.

Even though it was nice to see Ana, Ella was still exasperated at the sight of Lady Tremaine, Drizella and Edward. 

Could this day get any worse? She thought to herself as she practically sprinted up the last bit of the isle to Char. It was almost a relief to see him, after seeing the guests. Almost.

She climbed up the steps to the altar where she took Char's hand. He smiled at her gently but she clearly saw the look of sadness behind his eyes as the priest began the sermon heard a thousand times before. 

"We are gathered here today...." He began, but Ella started dozing off. She hadn't gotten much sleep the night before due to 'wedding jitters' but she liked to refer to them as 'end of my life jitters' because for some reason, that just seemed more fitting.

Out of the blue, a hand came around her neck as Char leaned into the, whispering, 

"Ellie, I have to kiss you now, I'm sorry, I never wanted this either." Despite the moment, she grinned. He was the only one who still called her Ellie. She used to be called that before her mother and father died, but after that, it became 'Cinderella' and then just plain old 'Ella.' It was nice to hear him say something different, as if times hadn't changed at all and they were still little children making mud pies in the back garden. 

"I know that you've secretly been dying to kiss these lips for years, Char. Go ahead and knock yourself out." She whispered back, puckering her lips in an absurd manner. She was probably making quite the scene but at least it was entertaining. 

Char chuckled before he leaned down and lightly pecked her on the lips. The congregation bursted into shouts of congratulations and clapping as the wedding bells started pealing their happy song. Char swooped Ella of her feet and carried her down the isle with a huge grin on his face. Ella dropped back her head and laughed joyfully, playing along with the whole 'I am madly in love with you' thing. Any outsider would've seen a blissfully happy couple, however there were a handful who knew the truth about them. 

As they raced outside, the whole kingdom had tried to squeeze up on the cobblestone roads, throwing rice and shouting their blessings to the new Prince and his wife. Char squeezed through the crowds as quickly (but politely) as possible as one of the guards opened up a milky white door to the royal wedding carriage. They dashed their way inside of it, finding as much safety and peace as one could when the whole kingdom was at your wedding. Sliding onto the silky white seats, the carriage lurched forward, the great white steeds forging their way ahead in the sea of people. Ella leaned back and practically tore of her train, letting it fall to the floor just before the tears came. 

"I'm so sorry, Char. I shouldn't be crying, it's just, well..." She snuffled awkwardly.

"You don't want to marry me." He replied bluntly. 

"No, no that's not it, I mean, well it kind of is..."

Reaching his hand across, he took Ella's slender hand in his. 

"Ellie, you know you are the best friend I have, all throughout the land but we love each other in a way that only siblings could. Believe me when I say that I am not offended that you didn't want to marry me, because I didn't want to marry you." He explained.

Ella's face flooded with relief. "Oh, Char, thank God! All this time I was so worried that you loved me when I couldn't return that love, I am so happy you're not offended by my actions." She cried, grateful.

"Well, I am a little offended, Ellie, I mean, who couldn't love my charm and good looks? This seriously damages my pride." He said solemnly.

Ella laughed softly but it quickly passed before her eyes filled with sadness. "Char, what are we going to do?" She whispered.

"I don't know Ellie, I just don't know. Listen though, I know who you really love and he'll be at the reception and the girl who holds my heart will be their, too. I guess we can say our goodbyes." He said painfully.

Suddenly curious, Ella peered up at him. "Firstly, how do you know who I love and secondly, who in the world do you love?" She asked indecorously.

Char rolled his eyes. "Come on Ella, I've seen how you've looked at Edward, it is pretty obvious you are seriously love sick. And I love a girl named Ayla, she is a seamstress in town who I met a couple years ago when my sister, Avery, was getting married."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Ella demanded.

He shrugged. "I only realized I loved her about a month ago and at that point, it was pointless to hope that I would ever marry her, we were engaged."

Ella decided to drop the topic and  turned to look out the window as they arrived at the reception. It was a beautiful enchanted garden, filled with flowers and trees of every color, shape and size. Little tables with delicate pastries were stationed everywhere as people chatted happily over little fairy cakes and berry punch. There was a platform where a band played soft and lovely music as couples danced casually in time with the music. 

"I'll save you the first dance Char, then we go say goodbye to our hearts." Ella directed sadly.

"Sounds like a plan, Ellie-bellie and once again, I'm sorry things had to turn out this way."


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