This Might Not Work Out

Chelyse Smith is a 18 year old girl that lives in England , Her dream is to become a famous singer , she went to audition one day but The Judges were rude.. they didnt exept.. She then tried the next year and now was 19 years old, she met this boy named , Zayn Malik they switched there hellos and got eachothers number.. sad enough they didnt exept her this year either.. but zayn did , Zayn Becomes One Of The Members in One Direction... Zayn Calls Her one Night to pack .. So She can meet his group members, Liam,Harry,Louis,niall,..
Her Family Left Her Abandoned sinse she was 14.. but luckily enough she new what to do.. Chelyse and zayn are best Friends! but Chelyse maybe likes him more, Does Zayn like her back?, is there another members that likes chelyse?
Will they ever date, or will something terrible happen that changes there life forever? , go find out by reading This story.. go on i wont hold you any longer!!
Go Gooo ,, in the youtube link i also put a song that goes with the

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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