Somewhere Only We Know

Calum Hood and Bree Cook have been arch enemies since they were born. It doesn't help that they're next door neighbors either. But what happens when Calum's parents go away for two weeks and Calum has to stay with Bree's family? Will Bree and Calum fall for eachother?


1. "Two weeks..with Calum."

   Bree's POV. 

   "Bree! Are you up?!" I faintly heard my mother calling me from down the stairs.

   "Yeah!" I yelled back to her. I shuffled in my bed looking at my clock. It was 9:00 am on a Saturday. Why was I being waken up so early on a Saturday? I dragged myself out of bed and down the stairs into kitchen. 

   "Why are you waking me-" I stopped in my tracks as my word faded away. There stood the next door neighbors, the Hood family. They were nice neighbors, except for their son. He's kind of a jerk. We've been living next door to each other ever since I was birn, which by the way was only two days after he was born. 

   "Good morning Sunshine." Calum smiled stupidly, knowing I was mad. All the 17 years of living next door to each other we've practically hated each other. Only because he was the school popular and I was the school nerd..kind of. 

   I gave him an annoyed glance before sitting in my usual seat, which just so happened to be next to Calum.

   "Why are you guys here so early in the morning on a Saturday?" I looked at my mom and put huge emphasis on saturday.

   "Well, Bree, Calum is staying with us." 

   "Sick of him already? It only took you 17 years." I looked at Calum's parents.

   "Bree!" my mom snapped. I flashed a cheesy smile to everyone. I know, I'm being a brat, but like I said, 9 in the morning on a Saturday. I've never been up so early on a weekend.

   "No, actually." Mrs. Hood smiled. "We're going to England for a vacation for our anniversary. Two weeks." 

   "Two weeks, with Calum." I said through my teeth.

   "Your dream come true." Calum said sarcastically. I laughed. 

   "Yeah sure."

   "You two will survive." my mother said.

   "Once again, yeah, sure." I said again. 


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