Beth and her best friend are off to London, and bump into the one and only One Direction. What will happen?


17. Nothing Cheesy

"Come on Haz you haven't got out of bed in three days! They want us to record today. Please Harry." Niall's thick Irish accent bellowed as the childish blonde bounce on my bed covered in good wrapping.

"Niall fuck off would you." I growl rolling onto my side.

"Harry! Get your sorry ass out of bed. It's hard for me to. Not being able to text Gyp, when I just want to talk to someone, talk to her at all for that matter! It's hard Harry, I get that but laying in bed won't do anything there are millions of girls out there right now who look up to you, they see you smiling and they do the same, those girls have got us to where we are, girls are probably tweeting you right now!" He had stopped bouncing and was now standing over me. "Harry you need to get out of bed for them!"

"What ever Niall I'll get out of bed soon." I sigh

"Now Harry we have to leave in ten minutes!" Niall yells again.

"They do my hair and stuff when I get there anyway!" I protest.

"Get. Up. Look half decent for the press, plus Lou isn't going to shower you that's not her job, and you smell. Go!" Niall had a point I did need a shower.


Recording wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was good seeing all the crew again and it was actually nice to be out of bed again to be fully honest, maybe it was because of Beth this time, but I'm hoping she does come back.

"Do you boys want anything?" Liam asked as he pulled into the supermarket car park.

"Food sounds good." Niall grinned and Lou laughed causing Niall to historically giggle.

"I shouldn't be long." Liam said getting out of the car ignoring them.

I decided to join Liam not really feeling in the mood to sit in a car with Louis and Niall right now.

"How are you feeling Harry?" Liam asked obvious that a lot was on my mind.

"I guess things could be worse." I emitted.

"She will come back man." I smile, Liam is almost always right. "She loves you Harry. She does, she just doesn't want to be hurt. You mean the world to her and she hates seeing you hurt too. Just show her that you will fix things she needs to know you are going to try and make it work." Liam didn't look at me he looked straight ahead. "She loves you though, I can tell by the way she looks at you, it's the same way you look at her." Liam was right I need to try and fix things make it better.

We entered the supermarket and Liam flicked his head to the left encouraging me to look in that direction and there she was, Beth.

"Go.." Liam nudged me forward as he walked off down the cereal isle.

I walked towards her nervously, playing with my fingers and biting on my lip. Don't say anything stupid Harry.

She was on her phone typing something.

"Apples?" Gyp asked not looking over to her.

"Yep." Beth said looking up. He eyes met mine but flicked back to her phone but soon darted back up to me again. Nothing cheesy Harry. Nothing cheesy or awkward!

"Oh, ha hey! Didn't ah see you there." God dammit Harry! Seriously?

"Harry I'm not in the mood, I don't want to talk to you, and I sure as hell don't want to be apart of the shit that's going on with you right now." She was quiet for a second before she laughed a little. "To think I thought you were actually are really sweet guy, and it's kind of funny Harry I almost believed you when you said you loved me." She said nothing more, she didn't have to really she sort of did just do the equivalent of punching me in the stomach a few hundred times.

"Goodbye Harry." She said as she walked off. I stood there shocked, did that really just happen?

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