Half My Life, Half Your Life

Fullmetal Alchemist. A new person enters the story, a girl, a dangerous girl. she risked her life for the ones that she loves. After she starts something she must finish it.
"Equivalent exchange. I'll give you half my life if you give me half you're life."
"You want half my life? Why dont i just give you all of my life?"


1. ☤ Equivalent Exchange ☤

If you want something you have to give something of equal value. That is the law of Alchemy.

The Elric's. Van Hohenheim, Trisha Elric, and their two children, Edward and Alphonse. 

The Rockbell's. Pinako Rockbell (grandmother) Urey Rockbell, Sara Rockbell, and their child Winry. 

The Rockbell's, Urey and Sara were doctors and were called in to help at the war between Amestris and Ishbal, in trying their best to help both the injured of Ishbal and Amestris they were both killed. 

As time passed Ed and Al soon began to learn Alchemy following in their Fathers footsteps. They're father... they hardly ever saw him. And eventually he had left and never came back. And their mother, she passed away. Ed and Al were both so... crushed that there mother had actually died that they tried the worst taboo possible. Human Transmutation. 

And as it was first said, if you want something you have to give something of equal value. 

Their price they payed... Alphonse's body, Edward's leg. and in that they hadn't even brought their mother back. Edward brought his brother back by binding Al's soul to a suit of armor. That's when Ed lost his arm, and he saw The Truth.

Ed now has one automail arm and leg. Al has been in the suit of armor ever since. They're goals are to try and get their bodies back. This all happened when Edward and Alphonse were both very young. Its been awhile now, Ed turned 12 and Al was now 11. Truth be told, no one knew this day was coming... Not even the girl who changed their lives...


Again I've still got a lot of years ahead of me To just erase these feelings? I want to go back and finish The things that I've yet to finish. I was suppose to be chasing after my ongoing dream, Yet I faltered over other while walking this thin, winding path. It's not that I want to return to those days.  I'm searching for the sky I lost. Don't make that sad face, as if you've fallen victim.  As if you want people to pity you.  Tears aren't the end of your sins. You have to bear them painfully, forever. Who are you waiting for in the maze of emotions, Where you can't even see the exit?  I want to blurt it out more justly, Just like how I wrote it in my white notebook.  What do you want to run from? That thing called "reality"? I just want to scream out, "I'm only living to fulfill my wish." Can you hear me?  I can't take the safe way out of everything. I don't even have a place to return to.  I'm always thankful for everyone's kindness, That's why I want to become strong. (I'm on the way) This is reminding me of the old days, This pain is all right with me.

As Ed and Al were on there way back to the Rockbell's from sparing out in the feild, they found a trail of blood leading a little ways off the path close to where their house used to be. They followed the blood trail and along the way the blood puddles got bigger and bigger until finally it led to a girl. She laid on the dirty ground with only one arm. Ed and Al rushed over to her and picked her up. 
"It's alright we're gonna take you back with us, you'll be okay! You won't die! I promise you!" Ed's voice was enough to get to the girl who was being carried by a suit of armor. 
"No! Let me go! I need to-"
"shut up! We're taking you somewhere safe! Now stop squirming and let us help you" 
After Ed said that she laid quiet. They brought her to Winry and her grandmother Pinko asking for them to create an automail arm for the girl. Now the girl was screaming, the pain finally began to get to her. Winry and Pinko both agreed and took the girl to where they made the arm and leg for Edward. Ed and Al both waited impatiently in the living room. They could both hear screams from the room coming from the girl but they happened not often enough. It sounded as if she was trying to keep them in. As if she wanted to seem stronger than she needed to be. Finally when the process was finished she laid on the bed resting. Ed rushed into the room after Winry and Pinko both came out. The girl laid there asleep. Ed sat on the floor looking at the girl waiting and waiting for her to wake up. It seemed even though he didn't know her he already had an attachment. Finally the girl woke up and when she did she saw Ed sleeping, his back against the bed. She looked around confused at what the place was then she touched her new arm and wondered what had happened. She moved a little and ended up waking Ed up. 
"Oh, your awake, good, how are you feeling?" The girl was shocked at the question. Who was this boy? Why did he help her? Since the girl didn't answer he asked another question "how'd you lose your arm?" 
The girl froze. 
"I committed the worst taboo, human transmutation" 
Ed's eyes went big and now he was the frozen one. 
"You use Alchemy?" 
"Yes, my parents were both... Users of Alchemy and that's what got them killed..." 
"Do you want to talk about it?" 

And that's when she told him everything. She and her brother, Ethan, were both Alchemy users, taking after their mom and dad, but that wasn't such a smart idea. Her mother and father, Asami and Hikaru, became State Alchemist. Both were killed and now their poor children were hunted. Ethan was killed trying to save his sister, he died right before her eyes. That's when she got out of control, she screamed from the top of her lungs and there appeared a strang bright light. When the flash was gone so were the soldiers. She rushed to her brother and drew the Human Transmutation circle. That was the wrong choice. 
"Give me my brother back! He's my big brother and he's suppose to be by my side FOREVER!" 
She was then pulled into the portal and she saw The Truth. Her price was her arm, and in giving her arm she didn't get her brother back. He was gone and now so was her arm. 
"That's when you found me. Everything before then and after me seeing it was a blur."
"Ah... I see. My brother Alphonse and I both tried to bring our mother back. In doing so Al lost his body and I lost my leg, I tried to bond his soul to a suit of armor and when I did I lost my arm." Ed showed the girl his leg and arm that were now automail. "Looks like all three of us are on the same path, looking for a way to get our body back" 
"that's not my goal. My goal is to get revenge on who ever killed my parents" her eyes were dark.
"Revenge isn't always the right path" the girl looked up in surprise the boy was leaving the room. "You should rest some more, someone will check on you in a short time"
"Wait!" The boy stopped, looking back at her "I'm Sayuri Kenta"
He smiled, the first smile that actually looked real since his mom. 
"Edward, Edward Elric" 
And with that he left the room.

Sayuri Avariella Kenta

Age: 12-15 (age changes)

Family: Asami Avariella (Mother)
Hikaru Kenta (Father)
Ethan Avariella Kenta (Brother) 

Place Of Birth: Resembool, Amestris. 

Hair: Blond, mid back, usually down or in a pony tail.

Eyes: Bright green 

Height: 5'4'' (same as Edward, short)

Personality: Kind, Reckless, Do Things On Her Own, Carring, Always Ready For Anything, Keeps Promisses, Helps Others. 

And So The Journey Begins.

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