The Diary of a Lexi

Hey so my mom said I should start a diary to get out my feelings and all that shit. I didn't want to get a real one cuz people can steal it and ruin my life. And all the people on this site don't know me so who cares right? Alright, here goes nothing.


1. October 11, 2013

Dear Diary,

So my mom had this smart idea that I should I can't really say that I should start a diary, because that's what you are. And I'm writing to I should say that I needed to write you? Hmm, I'll look further into it. They probably have it on Wiki answers. They have everything on there. Anyway, I don't know how she got that idea. I mean yeah, I'm pretty depressed and my best friend is suicidal, but seriously, a diary? Oh I mean...I actually don't know what to say. This is way to confusing. Who made up this anyway? 'Oh, let's write to a book to let out our feelings. While we're at it we should create a magical fat man who climbs down chimneys and gives good children gifts!' Yeah, they probably needed a therapist after that one...


So anyway, I didn't want to buy a of I just settled for an online one. This way no one can steal it and I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone on here. It's not like anyone will read it, right? Oh god, whatever. So I guess I should get started.


Hi diary, I'm Lexi. I love walruses, pink, green, and my best friend Star. Oh and Hunter Hayes...he's my baby! Ugh, I went into depression about three months back when Star's mom died. My mom was a drunk so she was like my second mother. My real mom hates me. Yet she thinks something good will come out of a diary, when she's the one who needs you! Anyway, my dad works for some food company so I don't see him often. We do live in a fairly big house. There's a rumor in my family that my mom only married my dad cause he's made of money. I'd like to say I hate her, but I can't. I mean, she can be pretty rude, but she really tries her hardest. My dad is sorta nice, but he has a bad temper. He's not strict though, he doesn't give a crap about my grades. Or where I'm at, most of the time. Only when he needs me to do some chore that he can't do because he's too busy. So Star's house is where I would get the most family time. We used to bake cookies and do that other family shit. Before that, me and Star were still bullied a lot, but when she died it was like we hit rock bottom. I didn't know what to do after that. Me and Star, we separated because apparently it was my fault that she died. I was in the car, after all. 


But it wasn't. It was the man's fault. He was driving the 18 wheeler. But I don't tell her that, I leave her be for now. But I know she will forgive me. She has to. That's all for today, nothing exciting happened today, not that it ever does. So bye..



Just another Lexi

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