My High School Love Story <3

This a story about Alex who is neither a geek nor a homecoming princess ....!! Alex is a girl who loves to follow her dream <3 ...!!! what happens when she meets harry the school jock ???


2. who are you ??

i bumped into some someone he had wonderful curly hair with green orbs wow he was just amazing .. but i snapped off my thoughts .. he was the school basketball team captain HARRY maybe thats what i saw on his jersy .. &quot;are you alright love ? &quot; he asked with a raspy voise omg his voice was mesmerising me ... &quot;yyyeah iii aam ffine &quot; i just stammered and ran away from there people were just staring at me ... Marley s pov where the hell is alex omg she should be here right now .. i called here but no use i had her phone .... then a guy about 5.9 feet tall came up to me &quot; are you new ? &quot; he asked me i just nodded he looked cute with a smaal moleon his neck... &quot; i am liam, liam payne &quot; he introduce &quot; i am marley &quot; he asked for my schedule .... luckily or unluckily we had classes together ..
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