My High School Love Story <3

This a story about Alex who is neither a geek nor a homecoming princess ....!! Alex is a girl who loves to follow her dream <3 ...!!! what happens when she meets harry the school jock ???


1. Marley and me

Alex s POV Hi there I am Alex . I love myself . I get good grades in school though but trust me i am not a nerd . I have a best friend namley Marley . Its always been like Marley and me only. My parents are divorced right now so i live with Marley ..... I love singing but its my secret talent no one but Marley knows about it .. tomorrow was the first day of my school in London . I was in USA but I got a scholarship in here so i shifted along with Marley . London was way too different from USA .. There a lot of red big buses in here .. Marley and me are somewhat alike thats what people say . now gotta have a good night sleep coz i have school tomorrow .. _____________________ THE NEXT DAY First day of school i was totally pissed off i had my periods ... myself and marley got dressed up neatly to school .. we were two weeks late than the original reopening because our school in USA got over late ... the first day there was a match maybe basketball match going on .. i just took my schedule and ran to see the match that moment i BUMPED INTO SOMEONE................. CLIFFHANGER........ I LL KEEP UPDATING .... LOADS OF LOVE NIVEDHA
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