forever love

Zoey and her family are spending the summer with her grandparents in Ireland but what happens when she meets Niall Horan.


1. leaving home

It was the last day of school and i couldnt wait for it to be over. Im leaving to go visit my grandparent for the summer in Ireland. Since im a HUGE directioner im hopeful that i will meet or run in to Niall Horan! but i know that will never happen so. i wonder what-im inturrupted by the bell.i jump out of my seat run out of the class room and to my locker.i open it quickly empty it out and run to the bus. im the first one off so. i sit in the first seat. i can not wait to get home. i see my friend walk by ignore her and let her walk to her boyfriends seat. it makes me sad to think that she has a boyfriend and i dont but oh well. the bus comes to a stop i jump up a walk off the buss i fast/slow then when the buss is out of sight i run so fast i feels like i could beat a race car in a race. i get home a throw open the front door a couple seconds later i hear my mom run downstairs and look at me and say you scared me half to death i almost dropped lily. Lily is my two month year old sister. she is so cute, she has some blonde hair not much though. oops i say and run upstairs empty out my backpack and throw it in the closet. i get my suit case off my bed and i hear my mom say can you grab lily and her suitcase sure i say i bring my suit case and walk into Lillys room and Im suprised to see how big her suit case is. mom must have put almost everything in her bag. i grab her suit case and lug mine downstairs. my mom puts them in the car i go back upstairs and grab Lilly from her crib.i put her in her car seat i take her downstairs and put her in the car. we gather in the car and drive to the airport. we bored the plane and i put on my head phones and i fall asleep

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