Kristen is abused by her mother and father. One day when her parents are at work Kristen runs away and bumps into a special someone will he just be a phase in her life or will they stay together forever? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!


2. Found!

                                                        NIALLS POV.

Me and the boys were on the plane going back to London when the most beautiful girl I have ever seen got on and sat in the seat across from me. Of coarse Harry saw her to so he was starring at her. She was sitting alone so I got up and sat next to her. Harry gave me  a death stare but I ignored and started talking to her. Hey I said she looked up and OHMYGOSH she had the most gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen. Hi she said back shyly she looked as if she had been beaten but I didn't question it. I'm Niall what's your name love I asked.


                                                       KRISTENS POV.

I was sitting there all alone in my seat when a drop dead gorgeous guy sat next to me. Hey he said and OMG his accent was amazing. Hi I said back shyly he looked at me strangely but I shook it off. I'm Niall what's your name love he asked Kristen I said . Well that a beautiful name for a beautiful girl he said. I could feel my cheeks flush red so I looked down at the floor in embarrassment When I heard another boy scream, OH NIALL WHOS THAT GIRL YOUR SITTING WITH? I slouched down in the seat and hid my face. I cant stand yelling my father always yelled at me. I heard Niall yell her name is Kristen so shut up. After that me and Niall made small talk he gave his number and I gave him mine and the plane landed.

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