The Journey To Reality

When the recurring dreams of running her own kingdom becomes a reality, the nightmares are endless. Harmony is stuck in between two difficult decisions, whether to live with the suffering from her nightmares or risk her life and enter her own dreams. As she develops her relationship with Brandon, the hardships hinder her from attaining her desires. Will her dreams help her or betray her to follow the strongest power of all?

{Aisha Al Saqabi ® All Rights Reserved}


1. Chapter 1


" But your majesty, this will put Alnimrhea in all kinds of danger. We can't risk that." uttered out Benson. 

" Benson, you and I both want what's best for Alnimrhea along with the beautiful Alnimrhean people. This is a risk I'm willing to take, after all my grandmother knew that I would always come to the best conclusions regarding our kingdom." responded the Queen as she sat down on her beautifully customized wooden chair that always faced the window; a perfect scene to gaze at.

The window inside the Queen's bedroom had the best view of the whole kingdom. It explored all the whereabouts of Alnimrhea, contemplated the rich fields of crops and glimpsed at the elegant and unique structures of houses; with sharply pointed roofs and small carvings. Each house had a structure of its own yet they were all special. They all held a sense of pride and love that was indestructible.

Despite her youth and her uncanny endowment of immortality she always made the right choices. Yet, this decision was not sensible.

" I completely agree with what you say, your majesty. But do you really think abolishing all the national guards and anymore who has access to the security of Alnimrhea will be any good?" asked Benson. He rested his right hand on the small, brown table next to him waiting for a response.

" For hundreds of years our ancestors have celebrated this time of year to spread love, devotion, loyalty and trust to their families and this was what kept us going. All these other kingdoms surrounding us crave nothing but war. Kill, kill, kill is what they live for." she paused for a moment as she continued staring at the window.

" Our trust in each other and love for one another is what individualizes us from them. This is only a temporary decision, I want every single living soul to spend this time with their families and loved ones. That's my final decision and I want you personally to inform this decision to the whole kingdom; publicly. Although I don't want any other soul living outside Alnimrhea to even suspect anything going on, understood Benson?" 

" Understood,  your majesty." responded Benson. He unwillingly left the room, knowing that he was in no power to change the Queen's decision. 

The sixteen year old immortal queen of Alnimrhea always got what she wanted.



The blazing sun that peeked through my bedroom window almost blinded me. As much as I wanted to continue sleeping, I had to wake up; I couldn’t sleep any longer. The dream ended. My endless, consecutive dream has reached a stop for the day. I rubbed my eyes and yawned until I managed to fully open my eyes.

I'm finally sixteen now but I still have these bizarre dreams. For the past nine years of my life I've had these dreams continuously haunting me whenever I close my eyes. It's not that they're disturbing or scary but they were pointless. Same idea, different scene. 

Although at one point of my life, I really did enjoy having those dreams. As a seven year old, I'd wake my mom up and tell her all about it. She was so happy that I could finally find some closure after what I'd gone through. 

Before I could get comfortable again, I stood up and looked down at my spongebob pajamas. " Yup, still a kid." I said to myself.

After using the bathroom and changing my clothes into a pair of jeans and a white tank top with an American flag on it, I lifted my loose curls into a ponytail and left the bedroom.

Walking halfway down the hallway, I realized that I forgot to do something. Waiting for that light bulb to pop into my head, I was still trying to figure out what it was I forgot to do. "The bed!" I blurted out and ran back to my room. After I quickly but neatly made my bed, I applied a little lip gloss to my lips. Mike and Lilly would be here any minute now and they promised me this would be an unforgettable summer. So let the adventures begin.

Sitting down at the kitchen table with my aunt, Jenna and Becky without being in a rush felt weird. We were all so used to being in a hurry for school because we were always late. " So aunt Portia where's Logan?" I asked.

My hooligan of a cousin was the weirdest of us all. He was always late to school, hit on every single girl out of his league and believes that he's going to be more famous than Justin Bieber one day. Yeah, right.

"He's in the basement rehearsing with a couple of his friends." she chattered, and read the newspaper.

"Mom, I still don't get why you allowed him to use the basement for his band, I mean it would be way more productive if Harmony and I used it as an art studio and fashion boutique." commented Jenna.

I nodded in agreement.

"Jenna for the last time, you and Harmony need money to build your dream art studio and fashion boutique and I'm not giving you that money." retorted aunt Portia. She can be a bit of a downer sometimes but I still love her. After all she’s been there for me as long as I could remember.

" Well, we gave it our best shot, Harmony." asserted Jenna and patted me on my shoulder before she left for the living room. I smiled.

"So are you ready for a hard day of work today?" asked aunt Portia.

 I was not sure about what she was referring to. " Wait, what are you talking about?" I responded.

"Harmony, did you forget that you signed up for volunteer work today?" she as she washed the dirty dishes.

I got up from my seat on the table and handed my dirty plate to my aunt to wash. She always treated me and Becky like one of her own, not because of what happened but even before that. My mom and her had a very strong bond; the most beautiful and strongest sister relationship I’ve ever seen. After what happened, she made sure nothing was different but that was impossible because everything was and still is different.

" Oh, I totally forgot about that. When do I have to be there?" I asked.

" In twenty minutes." she answered.

"Well, I guess I have a little bit of time to get there on time. See y'all later." I said, walking towards the front door.

" Harmony, aren't you forgetting something honey?" she remarked, sarcastically.

" My phone! Thanks." I said.

"No not your phone." she stated as she lifted my little sister Becky from her high chair.

"Then what is it?" I asked. Looking down at my bare feet. Shoes. 

" I'll wear them right now then I'll leave." I said.

Before I went back to my room to get the rest of my things, I walked up to Becky and gave her a big kiss on the top of her head, while she was busy playing with her stuffed animals on the floor. She turned her little head towards me, and put the biggest smile on her little face. She had my mom's same beautiful smile. Too bad Becky never got to see it. 



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