♥A Treasure That is Love♥

A simple poem about the treasure that is love.
Romans 8:35-39
John 3:16


2. Note

I composed this poem 5 days ago, (or four???-excuse my maths) on Monday, 7th Oct 2013. I was moved by God's unfailing and limitless love when I read Romans 8:25-27. I realized how many of us take His love for granted, take his blessings for granted, when we should have been crucified on that cross for our ugly sins. Instead, a perfect Saviour died in our place.

♥Eternally grateful

Please excuse any poetic mistakes(syllable count, rhyme etc.)

I may not be the best poet but I have the best God :D and you can have the best God too :))) -John 3:16 KJV Bible

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